Monday, July 23, 2012

Awesome Weekend and Week 2 of 1/2 marathon training

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was awesome, I got to go camping with some of my family and we had a great time. I took a few pictures, not as many as I would have liked though! Here is a few of my favorites:
Headed up to the top of the lookout

Will and I on top of the lookout

My cousin Mark

My momma

Apparently I can't jump without yelling. Kind of looks like I'm falling out of a plane or something!  Also, check out the sweater I'm wearing- from BC summer games 1986... I wasn't even born yet! Its my oldest grossest camping hoodie.

Pretending to be climbing a mountain

I got bored and did a little carving... just kidding, we found it in the woods. Fun fact, I don't have an artistic bone in my body!

The other side of the above stump. So cool!
We had an awesome time! I ate wayy to much though, I just love camping food! I managed to get a 5km run in on Saturday, but decided against trying a 10K on Sunday. The roads were pretty uneven and I didn't want to chance hurting my foot. I am planning on doing a 10K tomorrow to make up for it- hopefully it'll go smoothly.

I modified my 1/2 marathon training schedule for this week- here's whats coming up:

10km LSD
Speedwork- 6 X 400
11.5 km

I have to add in 3 swims and 3 Strength training days. I am still loosely "following" the live fit program- I'm just using the exercises in her program and combining them to create a 3 day a week program. I'm thinking probably Tues, Thurs, Fri for swimming, and Wed, Thurs, Sat for strength training.

In other news, I got my foodie pen pal package from Vesna today!! So exciting, I can wait to post about it! Check back on the 30th to check out what I recieved!

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