Friday, July 06, 2012

I think I'm in love..


Holy moly. I just tried a Pure Organic Chocolate Brownie Bar. Gluten free, vegan, organic.. I'm sold. I bought it at Trader Joe's during my last trip to Spokane,and I only got one to try it.

Bad move Danielle.

I should have stocked up. I have no idea if you can even get them here. I am going to have to go on a search, and if that doesnt work out, I may have to try to recreate it at home. I'll keep ya'll posted on how that goes.

In other news, I went to the massage therapist today to get my shoulder worked on, and I mentioned the issues I was having with my foot. He got me to try a couple of things, and let me know it was not a stress fracture, it was definitely something in the muscles (thank goodness!)
He proceeded to work on my foot and holy hell, that was pain like I have never felt before. I love my massage therapist, he is amazing and has made such a difference in my shoulder, but i seriously considered punching him in the face. I know in the long run it'll make it so much better, but it is hard to remember that in the moment.
He gave me a fancy little tool to use to keep working the muscles in my foot, and told me I should be able to start running again in a week.
Kind of hard to see, but the rash looking thing along the outside of my foot? Redness from my massage...4 hours later!

Triathlon in Invermere is in a week and 2 days. Will I be ready? We will see. I know it wont be fast, but I really want to do it anyways.

Blog Challenge, Day 6: If you could spend 15 minutes with any celebrity, who would it be and why?
Answer: There are so many!! I think I would have to say Kara Goucher though. I read her running book for women, and she just seems like such a cool lady. She's driven, focused and down to earth. I would love to be able to talk her ear off!

What about you? Who would you like to meet? What would you talk about?


  1. That's great that your foot is ok! I've been wanting to get a massage lately and work on my shoulders.

    1. It seriously makes such a huge difference! I have a shoulder injury from 6 years ago that I usually get worked on, and it feels amazing once it's all over! I also recommend getting your hamstrings done if you're running lots. I got them done for the first time a few weeks ago and the difference was incredible!


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