Wednesday, July 04, 2012


Welcome to What I Ate Wednesday #1

Breaky- Cherry Fage yogurt, 1/2 Banana, 1/2 Cliff Mojo Bar

Egg Scramble (eggs, mushrooms, spring mix)

Chicken Thighs, Homemade potato corn salad. 

My snacks aren't pictured. I had an iced coffee, a 90 cal fiber one brownie, and some animal crackers. 
I think I need to work on my food photo skills. Any advice?

As for the fitness part of WIAW,I got in an awesome 20K bike ride with my pal Lauren. It felt so good to get out there!
We followed it up with a wetsuit swim in Wasa lake, The lake is so high right now, but the water temperature was not too shabby. After we got out of the water, a lady came over and asked us if the water was safe to swim in. Lauren and I looked at each other and said "umm I think so?" 
The lady replied with " Oh, I've heard people's septic systems are flooding into the lake." Gross!
I've never been so happy to get home and hop in my shower. 
I have since looked it up and can't find any warnings for the lake, so hopefully the lady was just crazy! 

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