Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I forgot today was Wednesday. I was busy taking pictures of my breaky for "tomorrow's post" when i started seeing WIAW pop up in my blog feed. I was thinking everyone had gone crazy and was posting a day early, but nope- apparently I am the crazy one. I was sure it was Tuesday!!
Anywhoo, enough of my crazyness... onto the eats (apologies in advance for the horrible pictures!)

Breakfast- Watermelon and an orange and apple smoothie
Snack # 1- Vegan cookies (from my foodie pen pal Vesna.. more about those on the 30th!)
Lunch- not pictured, but I had a ham and turkey sub from Subway with lettuce, cucumbers and pickles! My favorite Subway sandwich!
Snack #2- Hummus and rice crackers
Dinner- A repeat picture from a couple of weeks ago! Santa Fe chicken breasts which we had with a salad

This week in fitness, I managed to get out for a nice hike yesterday! I had a run scheduled but one of my best friends Ali was in town and we decided a hike would be a nice way to catch up! We decided on Bear Lake. Its not a super long hike, but man it is steep! It took us about an hour each way. Coming back down was worse for sure, we had to try to find branches/trees/bushes to grab a hold of so we didn't fall on our arses!
Bax playing in the lake at the top

Baxter, Soda and Bob, our bear dogs

Still lots of snow at the top

Ali, Kirsten, Me

View heading back down

My half marathon training plan called for some speedwork today.This morning I met my little sister at the track for and we ran 5 400m repeats plus a warm up and a cool down. We were doing the repeats in just under 2 mins which felt pretty good. I was tired by the end though, a day of hiking followed by speedwork the next morning makes for jelly legs for sure! I am planning on a quick 5K tomorrow morning followed by a swim.. only a week and a half until I have to swim 1500m as part of a team triathlon and I don't feel ready at all!!

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