Monday, August 06, 2012

Nelson Triathlon- Race Recap

 This weekend was the Cyswog N Fun triathlon in Nelson BC. My mom, dad and I entered as a team. My mom and I have been trying to get my dad into triathlons for a while, and doing one as a team seemed to be a good way to get him started!

 So "Team D" was born (Danielle, Dagny and Don, not very original I know!)
Mom, me and Dad before the race
 My mom did the swim, dad did the bike and I did the run. It was a freaking hot day, which equaled a not so excited Danielle- I HATE running in the heat. I will get up at 5:30 am to avoid running in temperatures above 15 degrees. The temperature in Nelson on Sunday was 35 freaking degrees. With no wind. Gross. My mom was ok with the weather though, seeing as she had to jump into the 16 degree water.

The race started at 8:00 am and the swimmers were off. I tried to keep an eye on my mom, but she was lost in a sea of green caps.
Awesome green swim caps.. I think I might swipe Dag's when she isn't looking!
 My mom was out of the water in  32:31. she could have been faster, however as she was swimming towards one of the buoys she was wondering why everyone else was swimming the wrong way. It took her a minute to figure out that it was in fact HER going the wrong way.

It was a pretty decent time regardless.
My mommy is #1!
 Next up was the bike. My dad is one of those freaky people who can not work out and eat ice cream twice a day and stay in crazy good shape. That being said, he trained for this race..... for about 3 weeks. His time on the bike was 1:18:24 which is a good time for an extremely hilly 40km ride.
Pops running into transition
 Next up was the run, my turn! We drove the course the night before, and I totally psyched myself out. The route was the hilliest I had ever seen, and I was super nervous! I felt awesome starting out though, and the first 4km I was running 5:40/km average. After about 4.5 km, I could feel my toes swelling and blisters forming. It was so hot, I was grabbing two cups of water at each water station and drinking a bit out of one and dumping the rest directly onto my head.  At the top of one of the hills there was a man standing with a gun type nozzle on his waterhose and he was soaking people. That my friends was a life saver. He absolutely soaked me from head to toe, and I couldn't wait to pass him again on the way back. I actually considered proposing, but I didn't think his wife who was standing next to him would approve.

About 6km in the blisters were really starting to bother me, so I walked for a minute to try to adjust my toes. That just bothered me more so I decided to just suck it up and deal with it. I slowed my pace a little  to try to relieve the pain a bit. With about half a km to go I saw my cheering section (mom, dad, Will, Lauren) hanging out on the bridge. A couple of high fives later and I was on my way to the finish line. My official time ended up being 1:01:19 which I was happy with considering the hills, the heat and the blisters. As soon as I was done I pulled my shoes off and was totally grossed out by what I saw.... ready for it??

I headed down to the lake, pulled my shirt off and jumped in. It felt really good on my burning toes and aching legs.

One of the things I love about the Nelson Triathlon is the free pre and post race massages! My dad and I both partook.
Donny getting a pre race massage
Overall I was a great race. Our final time was 2:52:14. I have only been running again for about 3 weeks so I was happy with the time I put up. The course was absolutely gorgeous, and it was a really well run event.
Lauren (who did her first solo sprint and rocked it!), my mom, me and my dad
As always, I am so thankful for my professional spectator/photographer husband Will! He is always there to support me in whatever I am doing and I love him to death for it! One day I will get him to join me in a race :)
Willy, posing for the camera
My next race is the Wunderwoman sprint triathlon in 2 weeks in Spokane. I have a bachelorette party to attend the night before, so I'm sure the race will be just wonderful!


  1. Sounds like the race was a blast!

    1. It was pretty awesome! I'm looking forward to the next one!

  2. That's amazing. You guys did great. By the way, you and your mum have the same smile. ;)

    1. Thank you! My mom is a pretty lady, so I'm always happy to be compared to her :)


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