Wednesday, August 01, 2012

WIAW #5 and Half Marathon training update


August 1st already.. what the heck!? I can't believe July is over and there is only a month until school starts again! Yikes.

A new month means a new theme for What I Ate Wednesday:
Peas and Crayons

This month, the focus of WIAW is Summer Staples. My favorite summer foods? Summer fruits like cherries, nectarines, strawberries, peaches, watermelon... I could seriously go on and on! Another summer staple for me is definitely Popsicles- store bought or homemade! My surrent favorite is the mango greek yogurt flavour from Superstore, they are so yummy! I made some of my own popsicles yesterday, and I cant wait to try them.
Breakfast #1
I had to take this picture this morning becaus I shoveled the food in my mouth so fast on my way out the door for my run. A piece of delicious homemade whole wheat bread with my new Dark Chocolate Dreams PB!

Breakfast #2
Second breakfast after my run- Strawberries, Oikos lime greek yogurt and Jordans Muesli
My delicious lunch bowl- 1 scrambled egg + 4 egg whites (leftover from a pie I made on the weekend), sliced mushrooms, salsa, avocado and a pinch of cheese. It was so filling and yummy! lucky for Baxter, I couldn't finish the whole thing :)
Snack plate!  4 Triscuit Olive Oil and Rosemary crackers, the end of my bag of Marys Gone Crackers pretzels (which if you have not tried you need to run out and get some. NOW!), a scoop of hummus, a scoop of Anna's Yum Dip, and 3 carrots from the farmers market
Jambalaya pasta. I scraped off most of the cheese and gave it to Will, and ate maybe a quarter of it. It was sooo good though!!

I planned on having dessert, but dinner filled me right up! I also snacked on cherries and a nectarine throughout the day.

Now, onto the 1/2 marathon training update!

So far, so good on the foot front. I went for a trail run with my "little" sister Lindsey yesterday ( I say "little" because although she's three years younger than me, she has a good 5 inches on me!), and the uneven surface bothered my foot a little bit, but overall it wasn't too bad!

I have a speedwork session planned for this evening at the track, and a longer run (13km I believe) planned for Thursday morning. I had to move my long run for the weekend to Thursday because of the triathlon on Sunday. I am doing the swim leg which is 1500m. I have been watching the Olympic swimming events, that totally counts as training right?

Anyone else have races coming up?
What are your summer staples?


  1. I love muesli- though often eat it in the cooler months, but still such a tasty reminder. cheers from WIAW!

    1. I love Muesli anytime! The Jordan's stuff is my new favorite!!

  2. When is your half marathon?

    1. October 7th! I am trying to decide between 2 of them- the Goodlife Victoria 1/2 in or the BMO Okanagan 1/2!


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