Sunday, September 23, 2012

New 10K PR!!!

Today I ran a 10K in Creston and I got an unexpected PR... by two and a half minutes!!

I got up this morning at 7:15, showered (I know, I know, who showers before a race?... This guy!), and ate an apple and a Toasted Cranberry and Nut Luna Bar. I got my stuff together, went and picked up my bestest best friend Kirsten, and went to my mother in law Lynn's house. Since the race was about an hour away we decided to carpool.

Lynn and Erika (sister in law) were ready to go when we got there so we were on our way. Fast forward to 9:30, we got to the wildlife center (the start of the race) and I was actually surprised by the number of people- lots more than the last time we ran it! We picked up our race packages then headed back to the van to get ready, and of course take a pre race photo!

Lynn, Me, Erika, Kirsten
I was a little nervous for this race. See, the truth is I'm extremely competitive. I like to pretend that I'm not, but I am. As we waited for the gun to go off, I was thinking about how many of the people in front of me I could pass :)

Aaaand we're off!

I spent the first kilometer running a little slower, probably around a 5:50/km pace. I was running just behind Kirsten, and Erika was just behind me. Lynn was back a bit from us. At this point I had an epiphany. I ALWAYS start my races off running slowly because I dont want to burn out. I started thinking about it, and thought this is a RACE, therefore I need to go HARD! So I sped up and matched my pace with Kirsten's for about 3km. There was a pack of about 8 people in front of us that were running a similar speed and I decided to pass them all.

It was one of those days where my body felt good, my music was just right and everything just seemed to be going great. I was thinking about Janae's blog The Hungry Runner Girl, her tagline is "It's rude to count people as you pass them. out loud." I started keeping a tally bacause it felt like I was passing a lot of people :) I pulled ahead of Kirsten just after the 3.5km mark and held about a 5:20-5:45 pace for the rest of the race.

For the last 2km I was running just behind a lady in a fancy tie dye outfit, and a lady who had really strong legs. I stayed with them until the last 800 meters when I decided to see if I could pull ahead, and I did easily. I finished the race about a minute fasted than my goal pace of 58:30. I'm not sure what my official time was because it hasn't been posted yet, but it was around 57:20.

When I finished I grabbed a banana and some water and waited for the rest of my "team" to come in. Kirsten was next at just over an hour, then Erika at 1:02, and Lynn at 1:06. Everyone was pretty happy with their times.

Once we were all stretched out, I was ready to go but Lynn and Erika wanted to stay for the medal presentations. Good thing we did becasue....

I got 2nd in my age group!!! I've never won a medal in my life (aside from a participation medal) and the look on my face when they called my name must have been pretty funny because when I went up to get my medal the lady couldn't stop laughing at me. Kirsten ended up getting 3rd in our age group (20-29) and she was really surprised as well.

Sweaty after photo

Showing off our hardware!
It was the best race I've ever run, and I am definitely motivated to keep my training up over the winter.

Have you ever had one of those races where everything seems to go right?

Or, the opposite- one of those races where everything seems to go wrong?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday morning catch up time!

Hi All!

It's been much too long! I need to get better at this blogging business.
Here are 5 quick updates on my life:

1.  I have been spinning 3 days a week and I LOVE it!! I've always been an occasional spinner, once every couple of weeks, but I'm finding myself obsessed. I went on Monday, Thursday and Friday this week. My gym is supposed to be getting new spin bikes this week, that should be awesome- the ones they have now are from a million years ago!

2.  I started Livefit with my friend Michelle who just moved home, and I'm awfully excited about it! I plan on sticking out the whole 12 weeks this time rather than just the first 2! Again, I am not following the no cardio recommendations for the first 4 weeks (I just cant live without my cardio!!) and I am not really following the diet plan. I eat semi clean, but I love my treats! We'll see, I may try to follow it more strictly later on in the plan. We did the first two days (arms, chest, back) and I am so super sore! It feels great though!

3.  I am running a 10K tomorrow! I say running instead of racing because I am so sore from Livefit, I don't foresee an amazing race. I am going with My friend Kirsten,my mother in law Lynn and my sister in law Erika. Look for a "Race Recap" post tomorrow!

4. I did my first ever hot yoga class today. It rocked! It was a hatha flow which was a nice and gentle way to stretch my poor sore muscles. It also showed me just how disgustingly tight my hamstrings are and how I need to start doing it at least once a week.

5. Number 5 and most exciting of all- I have convinced Will to take up running with me! We have gone twice this week and are planning to go again tomorrow night. I'm loving it so much, words can't even describe how excited I am!! It's my dream to have a running partner, especially one as cute as Will!
Me and my cute little runner hubby!

Have you ever tried hot yoga? What did you think of it?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How I injured my shoulder

Hi all!

If you are following my blog you may periodically hear me refer to my shoulder injury. I'm sure you're just dying to know how it happened right?? Mkayy, so...
Me, my friend Paige and my friend Ali. Yes Paige is so tall that she is that much taller than us when we are on skates.

About 7 years ago I was playing hockey (ooohhhh hockey injury, so hardcore right?? Not so much). After the game (in which I scored 3 goals I might add), we headed into the change room. as I was taking my jersey off it got stuck. Instead of asking someone to help me, like a smart person would do, I decided to just reef on it and pulled it over my head.

When I pulled it I heard a ripping type noise. It didn't hurt badly, but it was sore for a long time. In fact it never became unsore. It was one of those nagging injuries that is annoying, but you dont really bother to do anything about. It only bothered me when I rotated my shoulder backwards and tried to lift my arm above my head. It would catch and pop if I tried to do either of those motions so I just ignored it (I was 17, give me a break!)

Two years after it happened it started to bother me more. I went to the orthopedic doctor and he ran tests on me for a year and a half trying to figure out what it was. I had an MRI, 3 CAT scans, freezing shot into different parts of my shoulder under an x-ray... I could go on and on. He didn't find anything and offered to do exploratory surgery. Surgery scares me, I had it once and I don't want it again unless it is absolutely necessary.

So I was referred to a shoulder specialist in Calgary. I went to him twice and it was completely useless. During my first visit he ordered another MRI before he could tell anything, so we drove home, got the MRI and waited another 3 months to get back in. During our second visit he couldn't find the MRI, and hadn't even looked at it yet! He finally found it and then basically told me that he didn't really know what the problem was and there was nothing that they could do about it besides going down somewhere in the States to get surgery that would be super expensive and possibly fix it for about 10 years. Umm no thanks!

He then proceeded to complain about his shoulder and how it is worse than mine. He finished the appointment by telling me that I needed to get into a regular exercise program to get into shape. Riiight. I was training for a triathlon at the time and working out 6 days a week. I was a little more than angry when I left.

Fast forward to 5 months ago. I had tried 3 different massage therapists as well as physiotherapy over the past couple years and I was feeling pretty defeated. I called to make an appointment with my current massage therapist and he wasn't available. I really needed it done, so I made an appointment with a different therapist.

He rocks my world!!! After one session with him, my shoulder was feeling better. After 4 months, I almost have my entire range of motion back. It hurts soooo bad while he is working on it, but afterwards it is so worth it.

I got my shoulder worked on yesterday, and it is still super sore today. Therefore my one mile was a run walk combo but I still got it done! Running streak day 4!
Last years Wasa Triathlon :)

Sorry for the terribly long post, I wont even be a little offended if you don't read it! See you all tomorrow for some What I Ate Wednesday action!

Have you ever had an injury that has driven you crazy?

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