Thursday, November 08, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Welcome to week 2 of Three Things Thursday, your favorite day of the week when I tell you three completely random facts about myself. The theme of this weeks post? Christmas!

1. Christmas is my most favorite holiday ever! I force Will to start tree hunting with me in early November. One time we got pulled over by a Conservation officer who was sure that we were hunting without licenses. He just wouldn't believe that anyone would be out looking for a tree already.
Will, Bax and I out tree hunting last year

 2. I have a thing for ugly Christmas sweaters. So much in fact that I made one for everyone in my family a couple of years ago. I can't find the picture of us all wearing them, but I do have a few from a party I had where I lent them out...
Paige, Nancy, Me, Jenny and Kirsten. I made the ones that Nancy and I are wearing

Nancy, Marshall, Michelle, Heather. I made the one that Michelle is wearing!

 3. When I was in teacher school, we had to put on a musical Christmas production for our class. My group decided to do "Up on the Housetop", and since I don't have a coordinated bone in my body, I was given the role of dancing tree. I think I rocked it, until I almost knocked the power box for my lights over!!
I did sway side to side, I promise I didn't just stand there!!

 So there you have it, my Three Things Thursday, Christmas edition... I feel a part two coming on, I could talk about Christmas forever!!

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