Sunday, December 02, 2012

HBBC Week 2 Summary and Christmas tree hunt!

Another week down!

I feel like this week of the HBBC went much smoother for me. I am getting into the routine of teaching, and I'm not as tired at night which leads to more gym trips!
I got in 3 spin classes, did a couple days of the shred and got a few miles walked. The fruits and veggies are getting easier to get in, thanks to my new addition to breakfast:
1 1/2 C fruit, 1/2 c 100% fruit juice, 1/3 cucumber, 1 handful spinach
So dang delicious!! I have been having this along with 2 scrambled eggs and it keeps me full for a looong time!

Alos during the middle of the week I found out that I won one of the week one prizes, a box of Vega Protien bars, and a Bag of Vega Saviseed! I was really excited, I never seem to win anything! I've never heard of the Saviseed before, anyone else out there heard of it/ used it?

Before I tally my points for the week, I will leave you with a few photos from my Christmas tree getting adventure today. Wore my garmin, we ended up walking 5km!

Will loves to hang out with me!!

My snowman!

One for the Christmas card!

My cute mom and dad... dogs didn't want to co-operate!

HBBC Week 2 points
7+ servings of fruits & veggies
Six days- 6pts
30 day shred X 2- 2 pts
WOW Circut- 1pt
170 min spin classes- 17pts
3 mi walk- 3pts
WOW bonus point- 1pt
Stretching 20 min- 1pt
Bonus points 
Posting on Facebook- 7 pts

Total points for week 1- 38 (31 + 7 bonus pts)
Total points for challenge- 64

Here's to a great week #3!


  1. Yeah, congrats in winning the HBBC prize! I've been wanting to try some of the Vega products, I think I may just breakdown and order a few to try. I'd love to hear what you think about them though when you get them!


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