Saturday, December 15, 2012

Running Streak Week 1 Recap

Yay, the weekend is finally here!!

I feel like I barely had time to breathe this week! We had our school Christmas concert this week ,and getting a busy group of grade 1/2's ready  for it was a challenge. They did an amazing job though, they're just so dang cute! We did lots of neat little Christmas crafts this week too, I'm going to try to remember to take some pictures to post next week!

I've been teaching the same grade 1/2 class for 7 weeks now, and I can't believe I only have a week left with them! I'm sad, but at the same time I'm ready for a break! I've been counting down the days until we head to Mexico- one more week!!

Week 1 of my 50 day running streak went well, there were definitely a few nights that I really didn't want to drag my butt onto the treadmill, but I did it and like always I felt better afterwards. Since I was totally time crunched this week, all of my runs happened on the treadmill. I am looking forward to getting outside for a nice snowy run with my Baxter boy tomorrow morning!
Hunting squirrels while we run!

Week 1 totals
Day 1- 3 miles 27:30
Day 2- 3 miles 27:00
Day 3- 2 miles 21:00
Day 4 - 2.5miles 23:30
Day 5- 2.1 miles 20:00
Day 6-1.85 miles 20:00
Day 7- 2.15 miles 22:15

Week 1 distance- 16.6 Miles/ 26.72Km 
Week 1 time - 2 hours, 41 minutes, 15 seconds

After writing down my times, I noticed that as the week went on my runs got shorter and slower. Maybe working out in the morning instead of the evening will help with that....
I am proud of myself for making it through one week, usually I get a few days into something like this and get lazy, but not this time. I'm looking forward to completing the remaining 43 days!

My goal for next week: At least 2 runs over 30 mins. I need to start building up my mileage again!

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