Monday, January 07, 2013

How I've been (trying!) to stay active on vacation

I've been in Mexico for 16 days now and I'm still loving it!!

Last year Will and I went to the Dominican Republic for 2 weeks and by about the 10th day I was ready to come home. I think the difference is the food- In the Dominican we stayed at an all inclusive, so the food was really monotonous. We are staying at my parents condo in Mexico so we are making our own breakfast and lunch, and we've been going to different places for dinner every night. That being said, a tiny little part of me is excited that we get to go home soon and get back in the swing of things!

I think Willy may have trouble giving up his midday beer!

One thing that I have been trying to make a priority down here is exercise. One thing I'm absolutely LOVING is running down here! My times have been amazing, Will and I went for a quick little run the other morning, and we did 4km in 20 mins. I think all of my upcoming races should be at sea level! You can't beat the views while you run down here either.
Not too shabby!

Another way we're getting exercise in is by walking. Lots. Everyday. I can't even guess how many km we've walked since we've been here. Today Will and  accidentally got a 2 hour walk in because we took the wrong bus and I was too cheap to pay for a cab when we both had perfectly good legs to walk on :)
The family getting ready to go ziplining - we got some serious walking in that day!

 The condo has a gym thank goodness, it's small but it does the trick! I've done a few different weight training routines since we've been here, and used the treadmill when I woke up too late to run outside (I'm a baby when it comes to running in the heat!). My first day of Best Body Bootcamp was today, so I'm glad there is a gym here to use for that!

When the rest of my family was still here, we got lots of volleyball action in. Nothing like a few rounds of  beach volleyball to work up a good sweat! The rest of my family is genetically blessed with height that definitely gives them an advantage when it comes to sports like volleyball... it has nothing to do with my lack of hand eye co-ordination!

Me and my gigantic siblings. I'm obviously very funny and amusing to them!

And of course there has been lots of swimming. Tomorrow we are planning on taking the boogie boards out down the beach for a couple of hours.. I'm sure that'll be interesting!


  1. Oh sounds divine! I agree running in the heat is tough. I'd rather run in the cold any day! Except I don't miss all the layering!

    Whereabouts in Mexico is your parents condo?

    1. It's in Mazatlan, I absolutely love it here! It's super safe and everyone down here is so friendly! We've gone to a few all inclusive resorts, and I definitely prefer the condo route :)

  2. Over two weeks in Mexico?! Lucky girl! Send some sunshine and warmth our way :) And good for you for staying active while on vacation :)

    1. Yes 3 weeks :) Will doesn't take much time off during the year so usually we usually go for a longer vacation! I'll try sending sunshine, I just checked the Calgary weather for when we fly in on Saturday and it is not looking pretty!!


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