Sunday, February 17, 2013

7 days of real food RECAP!

This post is only about a week and a bit overdue! Life's been very busy for us lately, I apologize for the delay!

I didn't end up taking pictures for day 6 and day 7 since I found I was eating the same thing over and over and I didn't want to bore everyone to death! With Will being at work there were a lot of leftovers that needed to be eaten!

Here are a few of my thoughts on the week:

- I liked having simple healthy meals planned out. I also liked having my breakfast and lunch planned. I found that I was doing way less of the standing in front of the fridge staring at what I should eat.

-Sugar is in soooo much stuff that it really doesn't need to be! And in things that you don't suspect! I made some Asian lettuce wraps the first night and didn't even think about the fact that soy sauce might have sugar in it! It did, so technically I cheated on the first night. I checked the ingredients on everything else very carefully after that.

- There are additives in things that you don't suspect as well! Will's mom gave us some chicken breasts- you'd think the ingredient list would simply read "Chicken". Oh no, the list was 6 ingredients long!! I've started buying more of our meat at the local butcher. It tastes better and it's local which is a huge bonus. Will and I are getting some chickens and cows this spring, so in the fall we'll have our own meat to eat- I can't wait!

- I didn't find it too difficult to go for a week eating only "real foods", however I have the tastebuds of Buddy the Elf and I would never be able to give up candy. I need to work on the principle of moderation though, and the week of real food made me realize how often I mindlessly munch on candy and sugary treats.

After doing the challenge I definitely find myself reading ingredient lists a little more carefully, and being more mindful of what we're eating. I'm also planning our meals ahead of time which I'm finding is saving me time and money! I'm going to start posting our weekly meal plans on Mondays, so look for that tomorrow morning!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!

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