Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring break rocks!

Yesterday was the first day of spring break, and I definitely took advantage of it and got some stuff done!

The day started with a crossfit workout, we did a super long warm up, followed by...

7 rounds of:

6 shuttle runs
8 wallballs
10 push ups

My time was around 21:00, I'm horrible at remembering to look at the clock when we finish. I'm really loving the crossfit wokouts, and I already feel like I'm getting stronger. I can't wait until I can do all of my pushups from my toes, I'm getting sick of my knees looking like this (excuse the bathtub photo!):

After cross fit I came home and showered and caught up on my blog reading. Then it was time for lunch:

On our way home from Spokane yesterday we stopped for lunch at Cafe Rio in Coeur d'alene. OMG, best salad I've ever eaten in my life!! The whole thing was perfect, and the dressing was sooo good! They gave me my dressing in a to go container, and I didn't use the whole thing (not even close) so I brought it home and used it on my salad yesterday! The salad consisted of romaine, homemade pico de gallo, chicken breast, tortilla strips, and of course the lime-cilantro vinaigrette. So. Dang. Good!

My afternoon was spent organizing our spare room where I pile all of the stuff that I don't want to deal with on a regular basis. That took me a good 3 hours. No pictures of that, I don't like to flaunt my pack-rat status :) I did find some fantastic old pictures, check back on Thursday to see a couple of those gems!

Once I got tired of organizing I decided to get outside for a run. It was a beautiful day out and I'm so glad that I got out to take advantage of it!! I got in 6km, but I had to stop at 5km to take a quick photo:

That's the fastest I've ever run a 5k outside! Pretty excited about that! I ran one more easy km after that for a cool down, bringing my total to 6 km in 33:31. Pretty good if I do say so :)

Workouts for the rest of the week look a little something like this:

Tuesday- Run outside (distance tbd)
Wednesday- Crossfit and dog walk
Thursday-Hot Yoga and dog walk
Friday- dog walk
Saturday- 5km rac (according to the weather office this will not be a fun race!)
Sunday- probably a rest day since we have to drive home. Maybe a walk in the am before we leave.

Pretty awesome week ahead :)

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