Thursday, March 14, 2013

Three Things Thursday

I was looking at old photos on my computer the other day, and those photos inspired today's totally random Three Things Thursday!

1. Mom mom and my auntie used to sew our Halloween costumes every year. No store bought costumes for us! I wish that I knew how to sew, it's on my long list of things to learn to do!
Me, my cousin Kendall, my sister, my brother and my cousin Kirsten

2. I once decided to cut my super long hair off. My mom was devastated and decided that a little bit of long hair was better than no long hair, leaving me with a rather impressive mullet!
Don't act like you're not impressed!

3. We have a had multiple bear issues at our house over the years. This particular time it was a mother and her cub that kept coming around. I was going to sleep one night and I heard a big thunk outside my window. I ran upstairs and told my parents, so my mom went to look outside to see what it was. Long story short- she came running in screaming BEAR!! The conservation officers came up the next day to check things out and set up traps and they found bear slobber all over my window. Apparently I smell delicious :)
I was in a cool kid phase I think.
 I hope this was as entertaining for you as it was for me! Happy Thursday!


  1. Wow you have some talented family members! Those are some nice costumes! My aunt made my costume one year but usually they were store bought.

    That mullet is awe-some! You poor kid!! How old were you there? I think I cut a chunk of my bangs before. Are you sure you didn't want to be a hairstylist? :)

    I would probably die of a heart attack if a bear came anywhere near me! I like how the trap says do not touch and you are all standing on it!

    1. I think I was almost 3 when I chopped my hair! My mom is a hairdresser and had a shop in our basement, which is where the new hairdo took place :) Not very good advertising for a hairdresser to be walking around with a kid looking like that!


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