Thursday, March 21, 2013

Three Things Thursday

Todays Three Things Thursday Theme?
Random thoughts!

1. First day of spring yesterday- not so springy around here! I thought the groundhog saw his shadow- what the heck??
My disgusted with winter face. Actually I thought I heard something in the bushes right as I snapped this pic!

2. Crossfit is still kicking my butt. We did back squats on Monday and front squats yesterday (along with many other lovely exercises) and my poor bum is so sore!
3. Baby Eli is getting so big and cute!! He had a photo shoot on Saturday and this one is my favorite! I think he enjoys getting his picture taken just about as much as his dad does :)
Cutest nephew in the world!!

That's all for today, Happy Thursday!!


  1. Haha my back and shoulders are still sore from my workout on Monday which had 90 pull ups! That picture of Borat is hilarious

    1. 90 PULL UPS?? Holy crap, that's impressive! I can't wait to be able to do 1 unassisted pull up haha


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