Monday, April 01, 2013

Easter Weekend Recap


I had one heck of a busy week last week, and an even busier weekend!

I had a week long teaching job lined up last week, and when I got there on Monday there were no plans left for me, so I had to scramble a bit to come up with something, and spent lots of time during the week coming up with plans for the next day. I definitely learned a lot about flexibility :) My uncle and cousin were here from Whistler as well, so evenings were spent visiting with them!

On to the weekend....

On Friday night we went over to my uncle's place for my grandad's 80 birthday party. He swore up and down that he was only turning 77 though (he has alzheimers). We told him he was only getting big party if he was turning 80, so he was pretty proud of himself all night for tricking us into giving him a party!
After dinner my uncle let hie drive his razor around for a while, that was pretty entertaining!

Saturday was spent hanging out with my cousin during the day (he's 12 and quite hilarious) and having a fire with some friends in the evening. Will and I are the type of people who are in bed by 10, even on the weekend, so the fact that we got home at 1:30 am was pretty crazy- party animals in the house! I had to include this picture of baby Eli, he went to his first hunting banquet and he looked adorable!!

All cowboyed up!
Sunday was by far the most exciting day of the weekend! We had 17 people over for brunch (in our trailer- it was a tight squeeze!!)

Here's what was on the menu...
Fruit Salad with Apples, strawberries, oranges bananas and basil
Banana Bread
Deviled Eggs
Breakfast crockpot casserole (So easy and everyone loved it!)
Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll Cake (to die for!!!)

My friend Michelle brought pancakes made with chickpea flour and everyone loved them! They were gone before I got to the table :) Definitely going to have to get the recipe for those.

After breakfast we headed outside for a little Easter bag hunting fun! My dad's side of the family gets together every year for Easter and does a big bag hunt (like 70 people hiding and searching for bags = lots of fun!!). Unfortunately this year we didn't make it to Coaldale for the festivities, so I decided to host our own! It was so fun!!
Me and Will; Ali, me, Kirsten, Jenny; My dad photo bombing the girly picture

Everybody after finding all the bags; My brother and Eli; Jord, Brady, Will and Eli taking a quick snooze in the sun

We had Easter dinner at Will's parents house- a great ending to a great day!

Monday was busy too, I went to crossfit in the morning, worked for my dad for a cuple of hours and then went home and got a quick 5k run in before heading back to town to visit some family that was in from Red Deer. Baxter and I waslked back to the creek that flows though our property to see if it was running, and much to Baxter's delight it's flowing pretty darn good! That dog will be soaked from now until the end of July when it stops flowing.

Was definitely way too warm in that long sleeve shirt!
Bax in his creek

I hope everyone else had an awesome weekend too!!


  1. Sounds like a blast! What is in the Easter bags?

    Look at you with all your workouts! Great job!

    That sucks about the teaching job. Does that happen often?

    1. The easter bags had Reese's eggs, mini eggs, and some gummy candies in them. They were considerably smaller than the ones we end up with when the whole family gets together- it's kind of gross actually!
      With the teaching, its happened a couple times, and go figure both times it was for week-long jobs! I learned to pack a file folder full of easy to do activities with me now just in case!!


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