Saturday, April 06, 2013

Fit Test and Bicycles

I am so glad the weekend is here!!

On Friday we popped down to Eureka Montana to pick up some stuff that we had shipped to the boarder. Will ordered truck parts (Boring!!) and I got clothes and shoes :) 

 I ordered a pair of compression socks and a new pair of Brooks Pure Cadence 2 shoes from Road Runner Sports
My knee looks mushy and weird here. I promise it doesn't in real life!
I also got 2 new dresses an a scarf from Kiki La'Rue. They have the cutest stuff on their website, and the customer service is fantastic!! They sent me the wrong scarf, and when I sent them an email to let them know, they replied and told me to keep the one that they sent, and that they were sending the other one out asap! Gotta love great customer service, I will definitely be ordering stuff from there again!
Me+Selfies=distster every.single.time.
Please excuse my craptastic pictures, I was too lazy to move my mirror to somewhere that the sun wasn't shining behind me!

Today Will and I went to look at mountain bikes. Will used to really be into it, and we talked about getting them last year but we never got around to it. We both found on that we liked, but Will's has to be ordered from an international warehouse so it won't be in for about 4 weeks. Mine, however, was in stock so I get to pick it up on Monday! Woohoo! Will is just planning on borrowing my dad's bike until his comes in.

Isn't it pretty? I'm so excited to take it out on the trails! My friend Michelle and I are going to join a ladies ride on Tueday night, hopefully I'll be able to keep up!!

After we took our bikes out, I finally had time to do my initial fit test for Tina's Best Body Bootcamp. I joined in again this round, the workouts she sent out last time were fantastic, and so far these ones are looking good too! I like that it gives me a little something to supplement the "easier" crossfit days.
Here is a look at my fit test results:

Lower body- Wall sit: held for 1:15
Upper body- HR push-ups: 17
Core- plank hold: 0:45
Power test- jump squats: 30
Cardio fitness- 1 mile run: 8:01

For the push ups and the jump squats, it was how many you can do in 1 min. As you can see, I have lots of room for improvement. I am planning to retest in 3 weeks, and then again 4 weeks after that. I am hoping to see some big changes!!

Hope everyone else is having an amazing weekend! The sun is starting to show itself, so I'm heading out to take Baxter for a quick walkie before it starts raining again!


  1. Love the dresses that you got! My husband is big into mountain biking, and I've gone once with him but didn't enjoy it as much. Hope you have fun at the ladies ride :)

    1. Thank you! I am always nervous about online shopping, but it turned out well this time!

  2. I love love love the dresses, especially the strapless one!!!!


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