Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Training Tuesday/Running Steak Recap #2

Welcome to the 2nd edition of training Tuesday!

This week I had lots of one mile days. I was pretty sore from crossfit/my long run/massage therapy, so I took it easy for a few of the days and just ran a mile to keep the streak going! I'm looking forward to a long run tomorrow morning.

Tuesday April 23- 3.1 Miles (33:00)
Wednesday April 24- 6.2 Miles (1:05:45), Crossfit
Thursday April 25-1 mile (9:25)
Friday April 26- 2 miles (18:00) Crossfit
Saturday April 27- 1 mile (9:30) Yoga
Sunday April 28- 1 mile (9:30), 20KM bike ride
Monday April 29-1.2 miles (10:00) Crossfit

Weekly run distance: 15.5 miles (24.8km)
Weekly run time: 2:35:10

Total run streak distance: 32.36 miles (51.77km)
Total Run streak time:  5:22:35
The boys after our 10K on Wednesday

 14 days down,  36 to go :)

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