Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Training Tuesday/Running streak update #1

Welcome to Training Tuesday! I've decided to start recapping my training from the previous week to keep myself accountable. It'll also be a way for me to document my 50 day running streak.

My running streak will run from April 16th to June 4th (If I counted right!)

Tuesday April 16- 2.26 miles (23:37)
Wednesday April 1- 2.5 miles (30:00), crossfit, yoga
Thursday April 18- 3 miles(27:45) Swim 1250 meters,
Friday April 19- 3.5 miles (32:00), crossfit
Saturday April 20- 1.5 miles (15:00)
Sunday April 21- 5 K Race (28:21)

Monday April 22- 1 mile (9:50) (Ankle was sore from the race on Sunday so I stopped after 1 mile today)

Run streak
Total distance: 16.86 miles (27.13 KM)
Total Time: 2:47:15

I don't really know why I'm counting in miles instead of KM's... Maybe because my treadmill shows miles? My Garmin shows KM though. Weird..... Just some thinking out loud for y'all!

Will and I before Sunday's race
7 days down, 43 to go :)


  1. I love that you're tracking and sharing this! Can't wait to see your progressions over the next while. 50 days straight of running is super impressive my friend!

    1. Thanks love! I'm hoping I can actually finish it this time :)


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