Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Recap


This weekend went by way too fast! I even had a 3 day weekend, but it still seemed too short. It was definitely a busy one :)

On Friday I went to Crossfit in the morning, and when we got home our new baby chicks had arrived! I love when they're cute and little... not so much when they grow up though.
My hand is not actually that huge and manly, the chick is just tiny! I promise!

I took Murphy for a run in the afternoon, and the poor boy is not in such great shape! We did a 5K loop, and when we were almost back to the car he stopped and sat in the middle of the trail and started making faces at me. He refused to move until he saw a ball sitting in the bushes. After he picked up the ball he was happy to continue. He's been getting lots and lots of walks and runs, so his fitness is definitely improving!
He likes to lift his lip to one side when he's miffed about something

Friday evening Will and I made some awesome kebabs for dinner! So simple, easy and delicious!
I really like mushrooms, and really don't like peppers and tomatoes, hence the many skewers of mushrooms

After dinner we watched Argo again. We watched it in Mexico, but it was all subtitled in Spanish, so any parts where they weren't speaking English we had no idea what was going on. I really liked the movie, I didn't like how it portrayed the Americans as the heroes when it was clearly the Canadians :)

Saturday was a day of tinkering around the house. I went to yoga in the morning, I forgot how much I really like yoga when you have a great instructor. I suspect it will become a weekly thing from now on.
We got to take the dogs out to the creek to play for a bit, that was pretty entertaining.

Will and Baxter
 Saturday evening was spent at my aunties 50th birthday party, then out to BP with some girlfriends for a visit.

Sunday was our most action packed day! We started off the morning with a 20KM bike ride with some friends. Poor Will was outnumbered, but I think he was ok with it :)
Michelle, Me, Ali, Kirsten
As you can tell from the blue sky, it was a gorgeous day for a ride! I can't wait to get my bike out on some unpaved trails!

After our ride we hurried home to help my dad get the yard ready for Eli's baby shower. It was lots of fun, and Eli was being his usual cute but serious self!

So dang cute!!!

He was making happy faces until my sister pushed the button to take the picture which is why I'm laughing like a maniac.

After Eli's shower we headed to Kimberley for dinner. If you are ever in the Cranbrook/Kimberley area, I highly highly recommend Pedal and Tap. The food is amazing, and it has such a neat atmosphere!
Ali, Kirsten, Me, Will (fun fact: we all used to be roommates!)

Cody, Michelle, Josh

It was a super awesome weekend!! I'm hoping to get my Meal Plan Monday post up a little later today, so keep an eye out for that!

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