Monday, May 13, 2013

Fun run for ALS- Race Recap!

On Saturday I ran my 3rd race of 13 in 2013! It was a local 5/10K to support the ALS Society of Canada. I decided to do the 5K as I have been working on getting faster lately as opposed to training for distance (although that's about to change with my 20K coming up in a month and a half!)

The race went so well!! Last year my time in this race was 28:36, this year my time was 26:44! A PR by almost 2 mins! I almost couldn't believe it when we came around the last bend of the track and saw the clock. I came 2nd in my age group, 11th overall and was the 5th woman.

I wouldn't have been able to finish that quickly if it weren't for my momma. She ran with me and paced me, and wouldn't let me slow down even when I thought I was going to die. This is probably the crappiest 5K course ever created. The hills are long, you start on a downhill and end on an uphill. We started off with a quick pace, our first km was done in under 5 mins since it was mostly downhill. KM 2-3 is pretty much a steady climb, with the turnaround at the top of the hill. Going down I felt worse than going up, my stomach was absolutely killing me! I made some not so great dinner choices the night before (pizza anyone??) More than one time I told my mom I couldn't do it, but she made me keep going and focus on something different.

By the time we were at the bottom of the last hill was feeling way better and ready to get it done! The race ends on the track, and we picked it up for the last 400 M. As we came around the corner towards the finish line I could only see the seconds. it was at XX:36, and i was sure the minutes must be at 27. When I saw 26 as we crossed the finish line I was so excited! I beat my goal time by over a minute, and beat my PR!
Photo: Happy Mothers Day to the best momma and running buddy I could ask for! Love you Dag!
Me and my mom after the race!

I feel like crossfit has really been helping me with my running! I have been running lots, but I think that the strength training is really helping me to step up my game. My first race was a couple of weeks after starting crossfit, my time was 29:27. The second one was 28:21, a month and a half after starting crossfit. Now this one, 26:44 about 2 and a half months after starting crossfit, my fastest race ever (and probably the hardest course out of all three!) I love it and definitely recommend it if you are looking to increase your speed


  1. Congrats on your PR! That's incredible!! And great job on pushing through when you wanted to quit. Awesome!

    1. Thank you! I was hoping to be in the 27:XX, so when I saw 26 in the clock I was so excited!

  2. Congrats on your awesome new time! I am not a crossfitter, but adding strength training to my routine definitely improved my running, too. Way to go!!

    1. Thank you! I just pinned your 5 interval workouts for a faster 5K the other day and I'm so excited to try them out!


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