Friday, May 17, 2013

Long Run Playlist

Happy Friday!!! It's always especially happy before a long weekend!

Today is long run day, so I decided to download some music for a new playlist!

My long run playlists are usually quite different from my shorter run playlists. On the shorter ones, I make sure that all of the songs have a nice quick beat to keep my legs moving faster- most of the time country music does not make an appearence!!
For long runs I include a little bit of everything, and I don't really care if the beat isn't as fast since I'm trying to slow myself down- something I'm working on!!

On this playlist we have some new, and some old (some really old- Scar Tissue and Meet Virginia were both released in 1999, and Inside Out in 1998!). Sometimes random songs pop into my head out of nowhere and I feel the need to download them- that was the case with those 3 songs.

Question Time!!
Anyone have any oldies but goodies on their running playlists?
Do you have different playlists for different types of runs?
If you don't run with music, did you ever?


  1. I usually only run with music inside, sometimes on longer runs if i need a push. I have a lot of old 90s music :)

  2. We have a lot of the same songs on our running playlist! It depends on my mood that day but I have 80's rock, 90's pop, and current playlists.
    Right now I'm also loving Alive by Krewella, Wings by Little Mix, Mirrors by Justin Timberlake, Girls Gone Wild by Madonna.

    1. I will definitely check those out, thanks so much for the suggestions!


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