Monday, May 06, 2013

Saturday Long Run

*This was supposed to post on Saturday and it didn't! So you get two posts from me today! C'est la vie!

Today was the most gorgeous day for a run! I went to yoga this morning and decided to do my run afterwards. It was a hot one! It was 17 degrees when I headed out and not a cloud in the sky. I'm so used to timing my runs to be later in the day so they're a little warmer, I'm going to have to get back in the habit of getting them in earlier I guess (no complaints here!!)

I ran 10Km in 57:20. I stopped twice for about 30 seconds each time to take a quick shade break! I ran almost exactly at noon, so the shady patches in the trail were few and far between.

Sweaty after run face
I seem to have a problem with running my long runs (specifically 10K) at a slow for me pace. I feel like every time I go out I need to beat my best time. Today was no exception. I started out telling myself to chill, but when I looked down at my garmin at 2km I was making pretty good time, so I decided to push it. I ended up with a great time (my fastest 10k ever!), but I really need to learn how to slow it down and not be so competitive with myself.

Hope everyone is having great weather this weekend!!


  1. Good job! I need some of your competitive spirit!

    1. haha sometimes it's a good thing, sometimes it gets me into trouble!


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