Thursday, May 30, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. I signed up to do Run to the Finish's 28 day Clean and Lean Challenge. this should be interesting!
Click photo for link!

2. I'm in a workout slump. Someone PLEASE give me a kick in the too tight pants!

3. My friends are awesome! I seriously have the best friends in the entire world. We got together last Sunday since my friends from Spokane and my friend from Calgary were home. That almost never happens at the same time! we had an awesome time, lots of good laughs were had.
Jenny, Michelle, Paige, Me, Ali, Kirsten

Trying to create a totem pole... we didn't do a very good job!

I have been friends with Ali since we were 5, Kirsten since grade 3, Paige since grade 6, Michelle since grade 8 and Jenny since grade 12! That either means I'm really good at keeping old friends, or really bad at making new ones.... I'm not sure which!

Are you still close with your grade school friends?
Suggestions for getting out of a workout slump?

Happy Thursday!

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