Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Training Tuesday/Run Streak Update #4

Sadly, my running streak ended at 24 days. I don't even have a good reason for it ending, I just totally forgot to run on Friday! I don't know how it slipped my mind but it did, until I was lying in bed at 11:00 and suddenly sat up, woke Will up and announced that I forgot to run. I followed this with a 2 minute debate on whether I should get up and just do a quick mile on the tredmill, or go back to sleep and rest up for the race the next morning.

Sleep won.

I'm ok with it though, I doubled my days from my last run streak, and I've gotten back into a running groove (yes!!). I will attempt 50 days again, but not right away. Here is my final run streak recap:

Tuesday May 7- 2 miles (16:00)
Wednesday May 8- 1 mile (8:30), Crossfit, Swim
Thursday May 9-1 mile (9:00)
Friday May 3-  Nothing!!
Saturday May 4- race day-3.1 miles (26:44)
Sunday May 5-rest

Weekly run distance: 7.1 mi (11.36 km)
Weekly run time: 1:32:14 

Total Run streak days: 24
Total run streak distance: 57.01 miles (91.22km)
Total Run streak time:  9:44:16

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