Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Training Tuesday/Running Streak Recap #3

I love nice weather!!!!
Outside workouts + Hanging with the dogs + Reading outside + BBQ= Happy Danielle!!

He's happiest when he's soaked

I was making kissy noises to get Murph to look at the camera.. it obviously worked really well!

The cutest pups ever!

I'm pretty happy with my mileage this week. There were a few days (oh fiiine.... 4 out of 7) where I just did a mile because of soreness and/or lazyness, but I'm ok with it! My goal this week is to do at least 2 miles each day, providing my body is ok with it :)

Tuesday April 30- 1 mile (9:30)
Wednesday May 1- 3.75 miles (33:17), Crossfit
Thursday May 2-1.5 miles (20:00)
Friday May 3- 1 mile (9:00), Crossfit
Saturday May 4- 6.2 miles (57:20), yoga
Sunday May 5- 1 mile (9:00)
Monday May -3.1 mile (31:20)

Weekly run distance: 17.55 miles (28.08 km)
Weekly run time:  2:49:27

Total run streak distance: 49.91 miles (79.86km)
Total Run streak time:  8:12:02

21 days down, 29 to go!!


  1. ha ha love the wet pups! Dogs always look so happy all wet!

    1. Haha there is no place that Baxter would rather be than in the middle of a pond/lake/river/puddle!


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