Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wasa Triathlon Recap

Race #4 of 13 in 2013 is on the books!

I had such a good time! I decided to go into the race with a "just finish with a smile on your face" attitude, and I achieved that goal.. plus a new PR!

I did the sprint triathlon, and my overall time was 1:34:27, which is 3 minutes and 27 seconds faster than my previous pr (which I set 2 years ago)!!!!

The weekend couldn't have gone better. I 'm going to back it up to Saturday, where I spent my morning being a pod leader for the 8 and 9 year old triathletes that were taking part in the trikids triathlon. I got to talk them through the course, answer any questions they had, lead them through a warm-up, and keep them calm until their race started. (We had a chance to watch and cheer for the 4-5 year olds coming out of the water and running to transition- holy cuteness overload!!) My group was awesome, there were 50 kids and they all did so well!  If you ever get the chance to volunteer for an event like that, DO IT!! So inspiring!!

The rest of Saturday was spent relaxing with Will, we decided to take our trailer out to Wasa for the weekend since I had to be out there both days anyways. Our friend Michelle came to join us for dinner and a fire, and then it was time for me to hit the hay.

I woke up to gorgeous blue skies at 6:00 on Sunday morning (the beauty of being a 5 min walk away from the start of the race), ate some mashed sweet potatoes, and waited for my mom to arrive so we could head over to the transition area to set up.

Once we got our bikes and everything racked, it was time for a mother/daughter selfie (duh!)

After picture taking time, it was time to get suited up and head down to the water.
The water was super warm compared to last year, I believe they measured it at 19 degrees! After a couple minutes of swimming around, it was time to get started!

 The swim felt pretty good for me, I did a mix of front crawl and breast stroke. I definitely swam way further than I had to trying to get around people at the first turn.

Swim time 18:46

I got stuck in my wetsuit in my first transition. Luckily my mom and I came out of the water at the same time and she was able to help me get it off! My t1 time was super slow, if I'd known I was working on a PR, I would have hustled a little more.
T1 time-2:55

On to the bike. Usually the bike is my most dreaded part, My legs get tired easy and I'm miserable the entire way. This time I kept myself occupied by counting how many people passed me. I'm pretty sure it was around 40. I am a front-mid pack swimmer, and a back-mid pack biker, so I always get passed a ton on the bike! I actually passed a few people this year, that usually doesn't happen!
Bike 42:43
I think the supreme gorgeousness of the day helped motivate me too- how can you not be happy on a day that looks like that???

T2 from the bike to the run was slow as well. I forgot to loosen the races on my runners, so that took me a second, then my hands would not co-operate to tie my laces. Next race I will have these, and they will solve all of my problems.  
T2 time- 2:13

I was worried about my legs going into the run since I did zero bricks beforehand. Surprisingly, my legs felt fine.. thank you crossfit!! I was able to move along at a steady pace, and enjoy the beautiful course. No issues on the run at all.

Run time: 27:53

Please feel free to ignore the ridiculous look on my face. I have no excuses for it.

I am so happy with how this race went, despite minimal training. If I were to sum up my recipe for a PR, it would go something like this:

1. Don't ride your road bike until 2 days before the race.
2. Do ride your mountain bike 3 times in the 6 months leading up to the race. It totally makes up for your lack of road biking.
3. Do go swimming in the pool, but only two times. Good work!
4.Don't do an open water swim beforehand.  Who does that anyways?
5.Don't try your wetsuit on until the day before the race to make sure it still fits.
6. Do go running a whole bunch, but stop completely two weeks before the race.
7. Do crossfit 3 times a week. This is where it's at people!

The above training plan is totally sarcastic,and why I was doing the race for fun, not to try and PR.
I truly think my PR was due to a combo of the weather being so awesome, crossfit, and my attitude. Last year I was a cranky, angry mess going into the race, and my times all suffered because of it. Power of positive thinking, people!! I am excited for my next tri in August, I promise to work on my swimming and biking before then!

Wasa is always a great experience. The course is beautiful, the event is extremely well run, you get Steve King -the voice of triathlon- announcing the race, and the best volunteers ever!The photographs by Raven Eye Photography are always beautiful (well, the backgrounds anyways. I am most definitely not exuding beauty in the photos!)

Woohoo for a new PR!!

PS. 30 day paleo challenge update coming tomorrow!


  1. Awesome job!! Such a incredible experience. My Dad and brother are doing one this Saturday!!

    1. Thanks! I hope your dad and brother have nice weather this weekend, that always makes it so much nicer!!

  2. I have definitely heard a lot of folks hitting PRs after doing more crossfit! congrats!

    1. Thanks! I'm loving crossfit, so I'm glad it has a place in my training plans from now on :)

  3. Nice job on the race and the PR!! :)

  4. Wow awesome job!! Totally makes me wish I did Wasa this year! I think next time I will do the sprint since I really don't like open water swims. Sweet 5K time too!

    Love your sarcasm! We would get along well!

    1. You should do Wasa next year and we can meet up! It would be super fun :)


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