Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Practicing Gratitude- Family

I am so lucky to have such an amazing family!

They're weird as hell, kind of crazy, and just plain awesome! I know I can count on them anytime for anything and they'll always be there for me.

My parents are the coolest parents in the entire world. They're so supportive of me and all of my goals. They also let me squat on part of their 70 acres, that pretty much seals their place as #1 mom and dad!

My brother and sister are pretty cool too, when they decide to let me be in their photos!

I'm noticing a trend here. Seriously though, they're great and I love them both to pieces! They're hilarious on their own, but get them together and it's a non stop comedy routine. Best little brother and sister ever!

And of course this guy! The sweetest little nephew I could ask for. He's getting so big, and oh so cute! Just looking at pictures of him makes me very happy :) His mom is pretty awesome too- best pseudo sister in law around!

I also have a pretty cool family in law (what the heck is it actually called?). They're super supportive and a lot of fun. I have heard some horror stories about crazy in-laws, but these guys are the best!

**Technically Will should be included in this post, but he gets his own tomorrow- our 3 year anniversary!

I have a couple more gratitude posts coming up over the next week or so, then it is back to regularly scheduled programming! I have a couple of races lined up, some recipes to review, and some goals to update.

Tell me why you are grateful for your family??

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Practicing Gratitude- Friendships

I am extremely lucky to have the best friends in the world.
My favorite girls in the whole wide world
 My group of friends is one that I think is very unique. We are unique in the fact that we have been friends for so long, we are completely drama free (thank goodness!!) and that despite living a ways away from each other (in a couple cases) we have managed to stay so close.

These girls are all amazing in their own ways. I've known my friend Ali the longest, we met at girl guides when we were 5 years old.Ali is one of those people who can always make you laugh, and you can count on having a good time when she's around. She is also an amazing confidante, and always there when I need her to diagnose my medical issues (she's an RN). We've gone on many hikes and adventures together and I know I can trust her with anything. She lives in Calgary now, but we still get together often.

Next is Kirsten. I met Kirsten in grade 3 and we became fast friends from the first words I spoke to her: "do you know your eyebrows don't match your hair?". Kirsten has been there for me ever since, she is a beautiful, amazing and genuine friend. She is extremely thoughtful and always throws a compliment my way right when I need it. She's got a quick wit and a great sense of humor that I just love! We've been best friends for 18 years, which is pretty crazy considering we're only 26!
Kirsten and I after our 10K race last September
Paige started going to our elementary school in grade 6. Paige is so understanding, caring and positive. She is one of my biggest cheerleaders, and is great at keeping me motivated. I have done a few races in Spokane, and she is always there to watch and cheer no matter the time or the weather. She is also the most amazing hostess, we always feel so welcome and taken care of whenever we go to visit.

Paige, Jeremy, Will & Me after a race I did in Spokane this spring
Michelle and I met in grade 8, our gym teacher thought that we were the same person for the first little while. Michelle is the best listener I know, and she gives the most excellent advice. I know I can count on her to give it to me straight and not just tell me what I need to hear. She is so driven to succeed, and isn't afraid to go after what she wants which I really admire. She's getting married this weekend and I am so lucky to get to be her maid of honor! She truly embodies all of the characteristics that you could ever want in a best friend.

Last but not least is miss Jenny. Jenny was my rock throughout teaching school, there is no way I would have made it through without her. Another amazing listener, and always encouraging me. She also puts up with my constant teasing like a champ!!

I have so many amazing friends that I am very lucky to have, but these 5 girls are the ones that have always been there and I know I can count on any time. I am so SO grateful for them! I don't know what I would do without their crazy butts!

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