Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thanksgiving weekend recap

My weekend went by way too fast!

Will and I left right after school on Thursday and drove to Edmonton. We ended up getting there pretty late, so it was straight to bed!

On Saturday morning I went for a 5km run with Will's sister Erika. We did it in about 31 mins. I like to run with other people sometimes because I'm really bad at doing easy runs on my own. I always want to push myself and try to go as fast as I can instead of going slow and steady.

It was an absolutely gorgeous fall day, it's crazy how much further ahead Edmonton weather is than Cranbrook/Invermere weather. The leaves have all turned and are already falling off the trees! It made for a beautiful run.

My favorite running path in the world! So gorgeous any time of year!
We spent the rest of the day deconstructing Will's granny's deck. Lots of wood was packed to the dumpster by Erika and I. We spent the evening visiting with the rest of Will's family who arrived that evening.

Saturday's workout was brought to you by the West Edmonton Mall. Erika, Amber (Will's brother's wife) and I spent a few hours shopping, and that place was so freaking busy! I did get some cute stuff, but I was questioning whether or not it was worth it after about 1/2 an hour of fighting the crowds. e stoppped at Tutti Frutti for frozen yogurt on my way home... I see what everyone has been raving about with these build it yourself fro-yo places. It was magical! I wish I would have taken a picture of my masterpiece!

Sunday morning I decided to take on the same 5K route that Erika and I ran on Friday to see how quickly I could do it. I started out slowly, but ended up making a pretty good time in the end- 27:30. I was really happy with that! Sunday ended with me stuffing myself with turkey until I had to be rolled into the living room (perhaps a slight exaggeration).

Monday was spent in the car for an 8 hour ride home. When we got home my mom had leftovers waiting for us, as well as my brother and the cutest little Eli! He and Will had some bonding time over mashed sweet potatoes.

I think that's his "so why did you stop feeding me?" look. He's been giving it quite often lately.

Overall it was a great weekend although it's taken me until Thursday to recover. Only 2 more work days until this weekend! Woohoo!

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  1. The leaves and trees were so pretty in Edmonton this weekend! I went for a run there too and couldn't get over it! Glad you had a great weekend :)


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