Monday, January 27, 2014

Belize #1


It's been a month since I took a little blogging break, but I'm baaaack! Today is going to be a picture filled post of our trip to Belize! I have so many pictures to share I decided I will break my trip into a couple of posts.

We visited two different islands on our trip. The first one was Ambergris Caye, which is the bigger of the two islands. It was definitely busier, and had way more hotels, restaurants, bars ect. It was the more touristy island for sure!

Here are some pictures from Ambergris Caye (where we spent our first 5 days) and our terrible night sleeping in the Houston airport (I don't recommend it!)

We tried to find places to sleep but everywhere we went there was loud music, TV's and really bright lights. And it was really'd think they do it on purpose!

I don't think any of us actually slept!

There were so many little piers along the beach- this one was especially pretty!

Belize Chocolate Company!

When you bought a case of beer you had to pay a $5 deposit for the bottles and the plastic container!

Fresh papaya covered with lime juice... delicious!

The food was AMAZING!

The view from our hotel room

Soaking up the sun on one of our TWO sunny days!

The snorkeling was amazing!

Will and J did so much fly fishing! They were in paradise :)
Look for part 2 tomorrow!

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