Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Belize #2

I am going to share some pictures from the second island, Caye Caulker, today! It was definitely my favorite of the two islands. It was so small, the whole island was about 5 miles long, but lots of that is mangroves and wildlife areas. The part that we actually hung out on was about a mile long. The roads are all dirt, and they don't have vehicles there- golf carts only! Needless to say we walked everywhere we went.

Our hotel was pretty much right smack in the middle which was great! No matter where you were on the island you were close to everything, but it worked out nicely. We had about 1/2 of a sunny day while we were on Caye Caulker, which was kind of sad. The rest of the days were overcast, and I think it rained for at least part of every day. I didn't end up with much of a tan, but it was so great to have a break from everything regardless of the weather!

Will and J, excited to find the fly shop!

We rented hammocks for $2 one day.. best decision ever!

Will and his new friends!

The house we rented. Pretty much every building on Caye Caulker was Easter colored, which was awesome!

We saw so many sting rays!!
 One morning we started getting a little cabin fever. It was raining really hard, and we were getting bored. As soon as the rain let up, we headed out to do some fishing and get some fresh air even though it wasn't especially nice. While the boys were fishing we met a local lobster fisher who invited us to come out on his boat and check his traps with him... of course we said yes! It ended up being one of my favorite parts of our trip!

Excited to be out of the house

Our new friend pulling up one of the lobster traps
P finally soaking up the sun... the day we had to leave!

At least we got to enjoy it for an hour before we had to hop on the boat!

Group shot at the split!
I have one more photo post coming up tomorrow!


  1. Looks like you had a great trip minus the rain :(

    1. It was fantastic! I will definitely go again one day, and I hope when I do the sun gods are on my side!


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