Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekend recap

Happy Family Day to the Canadian provinces that celebrate! For some reason BC decided that our Family Day should be the weekend before everyone else, so no Monday off here this week!

We had a very low key weekend, I wasn't feeling great on Friday so I didn't go to work. Will and I aren't usually big Valentines day people, but I decided to make a little man basket for him this year, just for fun!

It went over well :)

We had planned on making dinner together, but since I wasn't feeling awesome we decided to wait and make it on Saturday night! It was an early night for me- I was in bed by 8:00!

Saturday was much the same- I did a lot of this:

The Olympics take over my life when they are on, I absolutely love them! I don't think there is a psort that I don't like to watch. It frustrates me that everything is on so early/when I'm at work. I tried to convince Will that we needed a PVR but that didn't fly unfortunately.

Saturday night we had our Valentines dinner- it was ammmmazing!
Steak, broccoli, mushrooms- does it get any more delish? I am trying to eat 90% Paleo right now, and so far it's going really well!

I still wasn't feeling awesome so it was bed at 8:00 for me again.

Sunday morning we had Will's dad, my brother, his girlfriend, and my nephew over for brunch and hockey game watching. The hockey is definitely my favorite part to watch- so exciting!!

Will had to go to work for the afternoon, so mine was spent watching some replays of the morning's events! Snowboard cross = one of my new favorites!

My friend Michelle stopped by on Sunday afternoon so I could try one of her paleo cupcakes that she made, and oh my goodness- so freaking good! It made my afternoon :)

I started feeling worse Sunday evening so it was off to bed with no supper for me. I have a really busy week coming up so I am hoping that this cold is over quickly!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Tell me your favorite Olympic sport to watch and why- I really want to know!


  1. Oh no, hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. Love the man basket!! Great idea! Sucks that you felt so bad all weekend.
    I love watching the Olympics but we don't have cable so we haven't been watching this time :( My favourite sport to watch is figure skating. I also like hockey and the half pipe.

    1. Awe man, I would be so sad if I couldn't watch the hockey games! I even made my class watch them since they were on during school hours :)


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