Monday, April 14, 2014

Move it Monday {4}

This weekend flew by again!! My students had 2 choir performances on Saturday plus practice beforehand, so that pretty much took up my entire day. It was awesome though, there's nothing like listening to 200 little voices belting out some tunes :)

Sunday was a day of house cleaning, grocery shopping and getting out for a couple of walks! I went for an hour and a half long walk with Kirsten in the community forest, and when I got home Will and the puppies were ready to go for a walk, so we headed up to the ski trails behind our house for another hour. After our walk we built a fire and roasted up some dinner. Nothing makes me happier than sitting around a campfire!

The weather this weekend was ridiculous, we had snow on the ground on Saturday, and Sunday was warm enough to give you a burn! Spring weather be crazzzzy!

On to the workouts from last week:

Monday- First mountain bike ride of the year! Michelle and I went for an hour on a fairly flat trail, it was so nice out!

Tuesday- Ladies workout night was reinstated! Michelle, Kirsten and I used to get together once a week and take turns planning a workout. We stopped when I moved to Invermere, and once I got back it was winter outside. It's finally been nice enough to get outside and our first one was a success! Our friend Jenny joined us this week for some running, lunges, pushups, squats and dips! I'm already looking forward to next week.... it's so much more fun working out with friends!

Wednesday- was a deadly workout, hardest I've done in a long time. We were in teams of three and one person (me!) started on the rower and had to row 1642 meters. While that person was rowing, the teammates had to do nonstop burpees until the person on the rower was done. Next teammate hopped on the rower, other two had to do sets of 20 squats followed by 20 kettlebell swings and repeat until finished. During the third persons turn on the rower you did whichever set of exercises you hadn't done yet. Once the third person was finished, the whole team had to run a mile together. I was absolutely exhausted after that!!

Thursday I went for a very slow 45 min run, my legs were toast after Wednesday's workout! I met Kirsten and Michelle for a 60 min walk in the evening.
View on part of my run.. decent!
Friday and Saturday were ridiculously busy, so no workouts those days :(

Sunday- 2.5 hours of walking!

For the upcoming week my goal is to get in more runs!! Last week I walked a lot, but the runs were practically non existent. I'm planning on setting the alarm a little earlier on a few mornings and hitting the treadmill before work :)

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