Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Summer so far/ Valley Girl Tri race recap


Last post = April 14th... that was a long time ago! Between teaching, trying to finish some courses I was taking, and being extremely boring, I felt like I needed to take a blogging break. I am done teaching for the summer (obviously), I am FINALLY done my courses, and now that summer is here (ahem, halfway over), and I have some races coming up to train for, I feel like I am slightly less boring!

So far this summer has been great! The weather has been amazing, so my days have been spent hanging out by our (inflatable) pool, going on walks with the dogs, and reading alllll the books! I will do a summer book recap post asap!
The pool :)

My parents built a sand volleyball court, so we have been playing a ton of volleyball too.

I've been getting to hang out with my favorite little man a whole bunch too, auntie's house is so much more fun than daycare!

We've also taken a couple of quick trips to the States, one to Bonners Ferry for the 4th of July fire works....

And one to Eureka to watch the rodeo!

I also did a sprint tri in Spokane a few weeks ago, the Valley Girl Triathlon. I had never done that race before, and I will most definitely be back to do it again! It is an all women event, which is super fun. The lake we swam in was so warm, it was incredible. Even jumping in at 7:50 in the morning in only shorts and a sports bra, I didn't even have goosebumps or anything! My swim time was 11:50 for 1/3 of a mile, which I was incredibly happy with after not swimming since the Wasa Tri last year... oops!

My bike time was not so good, the bike starts on an uphill and I could not for the life of me get my shoes to clip in!! A volunteer finally took pity on me and came and held the back of my bike seat so I could clip in, but I lost a good couple of minutes there. The bike course was beautiful though, rolling hills and gorgeous countryside helped it to go by fairly quickly. The best part was the downhill slope to end the bike ride! My bike time for 12 miles was 48:09.

My run time was actually impressive to me considering that it was too freaking hot out and I walked through as many shade patches as I could. It was a weird feeling because my legs weren't tired, and my lungs weren't tired, but I was so overheated that when there was shade, I had to walk! I try to do all of my running super early in the summer because I hate the heat so much, but I guess I should practice running in the heat and maybe my body will get more efficient at cooling itself. My run time for 3 miles (even with all of the walking!) was 30:36.

My overall time was pretty average, 1:37:12 which was good for 19/55 in my age group and 160/523 overall. What really killed my time was my transitions... they were horrible!! I had the worst time getting socks on my socks on and getting my shoes on! My total transition time was almost 7 minutes. I have made the executive decision to take my clips off and put my regular pedals on for my next tri because there is no way I am making up the time I am wasting changing shoes twice (and failing at clipping in) by having my clip shoes on!

I am registered for another sprint tri in Spokane on Aug 17th, the Wunderwoman Tri. I've done it twice before and it is probably my favorite race ever! It is put on by the same company that puts on the Valley Girl one and I just love it. They have so may cool booths set up at the finish line of both, there is delicious pizza at the end for all participants, and the cutest finisher's medals. My momma is doing that one with me, and I am really excited for it!

My friends Michelle and Kirsten came along to cheer me on, I just love those two!! We made a girls weekend out of it and did lots of shopping too!

I am looking forward to the last month of summer... and getting back into a regular posting schedule!

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  1. Sounds like you have had a fun summer so far! And nice job on the race :)


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