Saturday, May 30, 2015

Baby R-Week 27

Week 27- Baby R is the size of an eggplant, or head of cabbage!
The only picture from this week, I'll have better one for next week :)

Highlights/Lowlights of week 27
Highlights included a beautiful afternoon kayaking with some good friends last weekend, and feeling so many kicks! It seems like this kid never stops moving.
Enjoying a day on the lake
Another highlight was my Dr. appointment! I love getting to hear the heartbeat (which is staying right around 140, making it hard to guess boy or girl based on that old wives tale). I'm now done with appointments every 4 weeks, and moving to every 2 weeks- things are getting real!

The only lowlight was how long my cold has dragged on. I thought i was almost done with it last weekend, but it came back with a vengeance this week, resulting in a few more missed days of work. At least I managed to catch up on some much needed sleep :)

I'm not sure if this is a highlight or a lowlight, but a few of my students just figured out that I am pregnant this week, and only because I mentioned it! I guess its a testament to the observant nature of middle school aged boys.

Nada this week aside from Kayaking (which if I'm being honest was more of a gentle paddle and float around the lake). Week 28 has already surpassed week 27 in terms of exercise and we're only one day in!

My eating was all over this week depending on how I was feeling. I ate lots of cereal (vanilla almond oatmeal crisp!) and blueberries. Lots of watermelon and raspberries too!

How I'm feeling
Sick and tired! Thankfully that was easing up by the end of the week, and I almost feel like a normal human again.
I'm also feeling the baby partying 24-7.. it seems like it never stops moving! I'm not complaining, it is kind of fun and it hasn't hurt yet.. I'm told that could be coming up soon though!

Current projects/purchases
The nursery currently looks a little like this:

Future plans are to paint the walls (a grey color), paint the change table and take the crib to Will's dad's house. We bought the crib, mattress and change table  from a local swap and buy site for $100, but I decided I really want a white crib to go with the color scheme I had in mind. Will's dad had mentioned that he was looking at getting a crib for when he gets to babysit, so I figured he can take this one and I can get a different one instead of spending money on crib-safe paint and repainting the whole thing.. win win!

I have a grey/white/aqua scheme in mind for the nursery. Gender neutral-ish, and I can add navy accents if he's a boy, and maybe coral or pink if she's a girl!  I am soooo terribly horrible at trying to put colors and ideas together, so I'm hoping the end product doesn't look like a Dog's breakfast!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Pregnancy update-2nd trimester

**I apologize in advance for the length of this post.. it's difficult to fit 13 weeks of info in without going on and on ;)
The second trimester, aka the honeymoon trimester, totally lived up to it's nickname!

I remember not believing my doctor when she told me I would feel almost back to normal, but it was almost like someone hit a switch around 14 weeks and I felt great! My energy was back, I was sleeping better, and most importantly I could eat real food again.. score!!

I most definitely slacked on the weekly pictures. I imagined that once I finally got pregnant, I'd be all over it, but I was so sick in the beginning, and then just felt so puffy and gross, that I didn't bother. I'm regretting that now, and plan on taking the weekly pictures from here on out, no matter how puffy I look!

16 weeks... the only weekly picture until 24 weeks when a friend from out of town demanded a picture!

At 17 weeks we headed down to Mexico for a 2 week vacation that again, we booked about 2 weeks before we found out we were expecting! It was a pretty fun trip, aside from the fact that I picked up a stomach bug and had to spend a lot of my time inside! We also decided to announce our pregnancy to people other than close friends and family this week! I'm not really sure why, but I really wanted to hit 18 weeks before we made it "facebook official" (as stupid as that sounds!) Will picked out a sleeper for 20 pesos (which is about $2 Canadian) and we got my mom to take a picture of us on the beach.

Not the best picture ever, but it did the trick! 

I also started to feel flutters while we were in Mexico. At first I thought that perhaps they were side effects from the bug I picked up, but they kept getting stronger! Once we got back home I could feel them quite often when I was sitting on the couch or laying in bed. Will felt it for the first time when I was 20 weeks. We've been able to see it move on the outside for about 3 weeks now, and it is still the weirdest/coolest thing ever. Baxter likes to come and cuddle at bedtime when Will is gone to work, and he has definitely been kicked in the head a time or two
He's the cutest!
At 20 weeks I went for my first ultrasound! It was really cool to finally see something that looked like a baby rather than a blob! Baby was not co-operative and the tech didn't get all of the shots that she needed so we had to get another scan done a few weeks later. During the first appointment, we told the tech that we didn't want to know the gender, but she kept referring to it as a he! I was totally convinced that he was a he, until our next ultrasound at 24 weeks, when a different tech kept calling it a she! I feel like they did that just to confuse me. I am still leaning towards it being a boy, but I guess we'll have to see!

The second ultrasound was much quicker, and the tech got all of the shots he needed. We also got some much better pictures to take home, all we got at the 20 week scan was a foot and an arm!
Baby at 24 weeks
Me at 24 weeks- what am I supposed to do with my arms in these pictures???

The last couple of weeks I've been starting to get tired more easily again. I think It's a combo of getting closer to the third trimester, and the craziness of work right now- we only have 5 more weeks before the students are out for summer break, I think I may be am way more excited than they are!

I am going to try my hardest for weekly updates from here on out.. Look for week 26 soon!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pregnancy update- First Trimester

Work is killing me!!!
I think the only reason I had time to get this finished today was because I came down with one killer head cold and I had to take a sick day! Anywhoo, onto months 1-3 :)

I am so super thankful that I had two weeks off for Christmas break right after finding out I was pregnant- I was so tired and nauseous. I spent 95% of my time lying on the couch, and the other 5% eating soup. I hardly ate any goodies over Christmas because the thought of anything sugary made my stomach turn. I managed to get out for a few short walks, but my energy was totally zapped- I can't imagine being that tired and having another kidlet at home already!
Loving the awesome trails around our new house!

Going back to work was not fun. I have a really weird work schedule which leads to me sometimes having a few hours off in the middle of the day, and I definitely had to set an alarm every time I came home, or else risk falling asleep on the couch and not waking up to go back! I had to use up a few sick days, but by my 10th week I was starting to feel like I could eat more regular foods again (especially potato-y things like pierogies, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes.. all the potatoes!

By week 13 I was feeling way more like myself again, which was good since we booked a trip to Vegas about a week before finding out I was pregnant! We went with Will's dad and his girlfriend, and we had a blast! I wore my step counter and we did about 25000 steps each day, so needless to say, I slept like a baby every night! I had 2 days out of 4 where I had to nap during the day, but overall it wasn't bad at all.
Will and I at our hotel in Vegas. I was feeling puffy and gross, so this was the only picture of us from the whole trip :(

Second trimester recap coming up tomorrow.. then we will be totally up to date, and I will attempt weekly updates for the rest of the pregnancy.... wish me luck with that!

Friday, May 01, 2015

Baby R- Finding out!

Well, I managed to post 3 times in April.. that's better than nothing right?? My goal is to beat that in May!

Onto the story of Baby R :)

We decided that we wanted to start a family about 2 and a half years ago. Fast forward to almost a year and a half later, Will and I decided to head to the doctor to see if there was an issue. She assured me we were young and she wasn't worried, but she would do some tests on us to see if there was a fertility issue.

There was indeed an issue, and after lots of tests, visits to the specialist, 8 months of waiting, and a surgery (that wasn't guaranteed to fix anything), we were feeling hopeful, but also a little discouraged (and to be 100% honest, really jealous of people who seemed to behaving no problem getting pregnant).

We were told that it would likely be at least 6-9 months after the surgery before we would be able to get pregnant, if it even worked at all, so when I started to feel extremely tired at the start of December (3 months after the surgery) I didn't really think much of it. I figured work was just wearing me down and I was just feeling yucky. After a few days, I decided to use a dollar store pregnancy test that I had from the year before. I really didn't think it would come up positive, I had learned not to get my hopes up, but wouldn't you know it....

A second pink line showed up! I didn't even tell Will I was taking the test, so I yelled for him right away, and got him to read the instructions to make sure that the second line meant positive and not negative. We were both excited, but I tried to keep it contained until I could go and get a real test after work. After taking the second test, I was a little more inclined to believe it:
My hand was shaking like crazy so I couldn't get a clear picture

I had spent a long time thinking about how I would tell Will when it finally happened. I had so many creative and cute ideas. In the end, I'm glad it was me shoving an instruction paper in his face and rambling about how to read the test properly- I think he thought I was going off the deep end!

Our families knew that we had been trying for quite a while, so I wanted to tell them right away! Again, I had thought of all of these fun ways to tell them , but I couldn't help it, it just kept falling out of my mouth!
I told my brother and sister when I was driving them home from our annual ugly sweater party!

I will try to have a recap of months 1-3 up soon.... spoiler alert: it will mostly be about napping and eating chicken noodle soup!

Also, I missed posting during national infertility awareness week, but more info on infertility can be found here:
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