Friday, May 01, 2015

Baby R- Finding out!

Well, I managed to post 3 times in April.. that's better than nothing right?? My goal is to beat that in May!

Onto the story of Baby R :)

We decided that we wanted to start a family about 2 and a half years ago. Fast forward to almost a year and a half later, Will and I decided to head to the doctor to see if there was an issue. She assured me we were young and she wasn't worried, but she would do some tests on us to see if there was a fertility issue.

There was indeed an issue, and after lots of tests, visits to the specialist, 8 months of waiting, and a surgery (that wasn't guaranteed to fix anything), we were feeling hopeful, but also a little discouraged (and to be 100% honest, really jealous of people who seemed to behaving no problem getting pregnant).

We were told that it would likely be at least 6-9 months after the surgery before we would be able to get pregnant, if it even worked at all, so when I started to feel extremely tired at the start of December (3 months after the surgery) I didn't really think much of it. I figured work was just wearing me down and I was just feeling yucky. After a few days, I decided to use a dollar store pregnancy test that I had from the year before. I really didn't think it would come up positive, I had learned not to get my hopes up, but wouldn't you know it....

A second pink line showed up! I didn't even tell Will I was taking the test, so I yelled for him right away, and got him to read the instructions to make sure that the second line meant positive and not negative. We were both excited, but I tried to keep it contained until I could go and get a real test after work. After taking the second test, I was a little more inclined to believe it:
My hand was shaking like crazy so I couldn't get a clear picture

I had spent a long time thinking about how I would tell Will when it finally happened. I had so many creative and cute ideas. In the end, I'm glad it was me shoving an instruction paper in his face and rambling about how to read the test properly- I think he thought I was going off the deep end!

Our families knew that we had been trying for quite a while, so I wanted to tell them right away! Again, I had thought of all of these fun ways to tell them , but I couldn't help it, it just kept falling out of my mouth!
I told my brother and sister when I was driving them home from our annual ugly sweater party!

I will try to have a recap of months 1-3 up soon.... spoiler alert: it will mostly be about napping and eating chicken noodle soup!

Also, I missed posting during national infertility awareness week, but more info on infertility can be found here:


  1. So glad things worked out for you guys!

  2. Congratulations!!!! So exciting, especially after your long wait! So happy the surgery worked!

  3. Oh my gosh. I am SO Glad this worked out. Waiting and the whole infertility process is so hard. Congrats again! SO exciting. I am thrilled for you!!


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