Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pregnancy update- First Trimester

Work is killing me!!!
I think the only reason I had time to get this finished today was because I came down with one killer head cold and I had to take a sick day! Anywhoo, onto months 1-3 :)

I am so super thankful that I had two weeks off for Christmas break right after finding out I was pregnant- I was so tired and nauseous. I spent 95% of my time lying on the couch, and the other 5% eating soup. I hardly ate any goodies over Christmas because the thought of anything sugary made my stomach turn. I managed to get out for a few short walks, but my energy was totally zapped- I can't imagine being that tired and having another kidlet at home already!
Loving the awesome trails around our new house!

Going back to work was not fun. I have a really weird work schedule which leads to me sometimes having a few hours off in the middle of the day, and I definitely had to set an alarm every time I came home, or else risk falling asleep on the couch and not waking up to go back! I had to use up a few sick days, but by my 10th week I was starting to feel like I could eat more regular foods again (especially potato-y things like pierogies, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes.. all the potatoes!

By week 13 I was feeling way more like myself again, which was good since we booked a trip to Vegas about a week before finding out I was pregnant! We went with Will's dad and his girlfriend, and we had a blast! I wore my step counter and we did about 25000 steps each day, so needless to say, I slept like a baby every night! I had 2 days out of 4 where I had to nap during the day, but overall it wasn't bad at all.
Will and I at our hotel in Vegas. I was feeling puffy and gross, so this was the only picture of us from the whole trip :(

Second trimester recap coming up tomorrow.. then we will be totally up to date, and I will attempt weekly updates for the rest of the pregnancy.... wish me luck with that!


  1. Glad you are starting to feel better. Feeling yuck is the worst!! Glad you had a good trip too, love Vegas!

  2. The first trimester is tough with feeling tired and gross. Glad you are starting to feel better though!

  3. The fatigue is like nothing I've ever felt!! Such a bad feeling! Good to hear you feel better now. The first trimester is tough between not feeling well, exhaustion and feeling puffy but not looking pregnant.


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