Thursday, June 11, 2015

Baby R- Week 28

Week 28- Baby R is the size of a head of cauliflower!
*This post is 2 weeks behind- I thought I published it last week, but apparently not!

Highlights/Lowlights of week 28

It was a long, rainy week! Baby R and I spent lots of time inside organizing and doing some home renos/ furniture building! Will was out of town for the week, so naturally I decided that I needed to build the new desk that we got from Ikea (a 3 hour project due to my inability to read those silly directions!!). I also decided to put up some new pantry shelves... thank goodness my parents are the best and came over to rescue my pantry before I totally destroyed it... stud finder what?? I don't know if this is the start of nesting, but I've been having a strong urge to organize all the things!!

I also went in for my GD blood test- The orangy drink wasn't as bad as everyone made it sound (this coming from someone who detests orange flavored things), but I felt so sick about 10 mins after drinking it. I guess it's a lot of sugar at once at 8am, so that makes sense! I passed, so no round 2 for me :)

Friday- 30 min walk with Baxter
Saturday- 45 min walk with Bax
Sunday- Super long walk with Bax, I paused my phone part way through and forgot to turn it back on, but it was about an hour and a half!
Monday- 45 min walk with Baxter and my mom and dad
Tues-Thurs were workout-less, the weather was so miserable that I spent my afternoons under a blanket watching old Grey's Anatomy episodes!

Oatmeal!! I was definitely on an oatmeal for breakfast kick. I also enjoyed chili for a few meals. I feel like my meals were a direct reflection of the weather we were having last week.

How I'm feeling

Not too bad! I'm still not experiencing much soreness (knock on wood) aside from some cramping when I'm out walking. This baby is still moving around like crazy, its so funny to look down at my stomach and see one side sticking out way more than the other! I'm starting to feel more tired in the afternoons, but again, not too terrible!

Current projects/purchases

I bought some super cute fabric and am going to try and make some baby leggings! I think they're pretty much the cutest thing ever. I also got some super soft minky fabric to make a blanket for my niece, who is due to make her arrival about 5 weeks ahead of this baby!
Legging fabric

Baby blanket fabric

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