Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Baby R- Week 33

Week 33- Baby R is the size of a head of lettuce!

Highlights of Week 33

Baby is still head down, but definitely moving closer to my ribs! My belly looks so much bigger all of a sudden now that it's up high rather than down low. At my appointment this week (33 +4) baby was measuring 34 weeks, so I'm glad the little turkey has decided to grow a bit!

Will's brother, his wife, and their baby Kinsley were visiting from Calgary last week, which was lots of fun. Kinsley is 4 months old, and probably the best baby ever. I didn't hear her cry the whole time they were here, she fusses a bit, but is such an easy baby. My fingers are crossed that happy babies are in Will's genes!

Lots of walks with Baxter! I attempted some beach volleyball, but quickly decided that my center of balance is waaaay off, so no more v-ball for me until baby comes out!


So much watermelon! We tried cutting our last watermelon into sticks instead of triangles, and I am in love, I highly recommend it.

Pizza- we tried this recipe for breadmaker pizza dough- holy yum!! Do it now....or once it cools off enough to use the oven! It's been so darn hot here, but I was craving pizza for a few days, so I went for it (so worth it!!).

Green smoothies- I've been really trying to have one each day since green veggies haven't been especially appealing lately (aside from cucumbers- bring on the cukes!!). The last one that I made had spinach, pineapple, frozen cherries and blackberries and unsweetened almond milk. WWill is usually a little grossed out by green smoothies, but even he had a glass of that one!
Please enjoy this artsy shot of my smoothie on the deck :) 

How I'm feeling

So tired. Even though I now have the freedom to nap whenever, I just cant sleep for more than 45 min- 1 hour at a time- night or day! I'm experimenting with moving into our guest bedroom for a few nights to see if the bed in there works a little better for me- the mattress is quite a bit firmer, so I'm hoping maybe that will help a little!

Still not much soreness overall- yay! My upper back is starting to get a little tight, but I have massage next week so hopefully that will get straightened out.

Current projects/purchases

We finally got the crib and glider set up in the nursery! Yay! I'm heading out right now to go and get a curtain rod so I can hang the curtains that I got from Winners. The room is looking pretty good, but especially boy-ish. I guess that's because that is what I think I'm having. If we end up having a girl I'm definitely going to have to add some girly accents!

I also bought some super cute frames that semi fit with our color scheme, so now I have to decide what to put in them.

I finally started experimenting with my sewing machine- a difficult task to teach yourself. I'm hoping that with some practice I'll start to figure out what the heck I'm doing! I bought some minky material to make a blanket for my niece (who was due on Saturday, so could be here any day!) so I better get on that.

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  1. I'm all about the smoothies too! I am looking for curtains too, I should check winners. I miss Target, I got lots of stuff for D's nursery there.


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