Monday, July 27, 2015

Baby R- Week 34 & 35

Week 34- Baby R is the size of a pineapple!
Week 35- Baby R is the size of a large canteloupe!

Fishing at 35 weeks :)


Week 34
Will and I went to a prenatal course on Saturday last week- it was pretty eye opening. I'm glad we went, but I am also a lot more terrified for labor than I was before... stupid videos. On Tuesday we had a tour of the maternity unit at our hospital, which is tiny! They have 4 labor and delivery rooms, one extra laboring room, and then 4 beds that are dedicated for patients who end up having a c-section. I know of quite a few ladies who are due right around the same time as me, so my fingers are crossed that Baby R decides to come on a day when it isn't too busy!

Week 35
We went on a fun little fishing trip with my brother, Chelsea (who was 8 days overdue at that point), and Eli on Sunday afternoon. It was Eli's first fishing trip and he wasn't quite sure what to think- the fish were a little scary! We had lots of fun though.
Fishing with dad

He's just the cutest!

By far, the highlight of week 35 was meeting Baby R's new cousin Baby Brooke the very next day! She was born on Monday night, 11 minutes after my sister in law walked into the hospital! She is adorable, and looks just like her big brother :) It's made me so much more excited for Baby R to finally make his/her appearance.
Baby Brooke!!


Week 34 still included lots of Baxter walks. 
Week 35 I decided to slow down as I got some really sharp stabbing pains in my lower belly while we were walking one night that took quite a while to go away, and it kind of scared me! I called the maternity unit to ask about them but they didn't seem to concerned. I have a Dr. appointment tomorrow, so I will definitely be asking about them to see what she thinks!


I can't stop eating carrots from the farmers market, they're so delicious!! I would not be surprised if baby comes out with an orange tint to his/her skin. I've also been eating lots of cherries and watermelon- I can't get enough summer fruit. I made a batch of these super easy 3 ingredient banana cookies and have been snacking on them too! 

How I'm feeling
Anxious. I am excited for baby to get here, but I am seriously so terrified of the whole labor process. I am not going in with a detailed birth plan, I'm planning on going with the flow and seeing how things go. My biggest question is epidural or no epidural? I'm not going in with a hard yes or no decision, I'm going to wait and see how things go. Maybe I'll be lucky like Chels and won't even have time to consider it!

Current projects/purchases

I bought a curtain rod and got the curtains hung, as well as a blackout blind. I am one of those people who must sleep in total darkness, so I'm going ahead with the assumption that this baby will be very similar. I am almost done the blanket that I'm making for Brooke, sewing is tricky business! The nursery just needs a few finishing touches and it will be done, yay!

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