Monday, July 06, 2015

Baby R- Weeks 30-32

In the past 3 weeks Baby R has been the size of a small cabbage, a butternut squash, and a coconut!

32 +4 days for me, 38+5 weeks for my sister in law who is due any day now!

Highlights of Weeks 30-32

I think the biggest highlight for me was finishing work!! I was sad to say goodbye to a great staff, and some awesome students, but I am so happy to finally have time to start getting things organized!
Some of my students made me this sweet canvas as a baby shower present- I thought it was so adorable!

My first week off (week 32) was really busy with family visiting, a friend's stagette, and my birthday! I am definitely looking forward to this upcoming week where I have nothing planned other than doing a really big house clean/organize!


Still just walking with Baxter. We've been having to go really late at night since the temperatures here have been absolutely ridiculous (high 30's anyone?? No thank you!!).



Haha seriously though, I am always hungry! I have been waking up sooooo hungry around 4:00am lately. I've been getting up and having a bowl of PB Cheerioes and hanging out with Baxter for a bit, then heading back to bed. I used to have a giant bag of almonds by my bed for when the morning sickness was an issue, I think I may have to start doing that again.

I've also been enjoying (probably way too much) summer fruit! Grapes, cherries, watermelon, nectarines.. I can't get enough!!

Due to the ridiculous weather, we've been pretty much BBQ-ing everything- anything to avoid turning on the oven. I found an excellent pin on Pinterest- 50 things to grill in foil- We have a few of these on the list for this week!

How I'm feeling

So so warm. I feel like no matter what I do, I'm always warm, especially my feet. They haven't swelled up at all, but they always feel like they're on fire! I ordered some cooling foot cream from The Body Shop, I'm pretty much willing to try anything at this point!
I am still sleeping horribly, I can't get comfy anymore. I'm glad Will sleeps like a rock, because I spend every night flopping around like crazy. Thank goodness for naps :)
My body still feels pretty good overall, no aches or pains or anything like that! My fingers are crossed that things will keep going that way!

Current projects/purchases

My mom came over a few weeks ago and painted the nursery for me- she is the best! The color I picked went on a lot darker than I thought it would, but I still really like it. We have furniture waiting for us to pick up at Montana Shipping Company (best idea ever, I love being able to order from American websites!!), so I don't have completed nursery pics yet, but they should be ready soon! Here is a little before and after of the paint color:


All of the baby stuff in the picture is on loan from my Aunt and Uncle! They brought a jolly jumper, ergo carrier, exersaucer, floor mat, change pad and covers, boppy pillow, bathtub, stroller.... The list could just keep going! I'm super lucky to have friends/relatives with babies close to the same age and older who love to let people (namely me) borrow baby things!!


  1. You look great! Ok what is Montana Shippng Company?!! I need details. This sounds amazing.

    1. Thank you :) is the link, it is a great little post office in Eureka that accepts packages for Canadians so they can have an American address to ship to! You just have to register with them and they will e-mail you when your packages come in- so handy! They charge a $4 per package fee for most things (I've never paid more than that- I'm thinking it might be a little more when we go to pick up the crib though!)

      They have a second location in Sweetgrass, but that's a lot further from us, the one in Eureka is only an hour away!


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