Thursday, September 24, 2015

Luke- 1 month!

I have heard people say that time flies by when you have a baby, but holy smokes! I cannot believe that Luke is a month old already (and by the time I publish this, almost 6 weeks)!

Month 1

We spent the first three days in the hospital. Since it was a traumatic birth for the poor little guy, he didn't have any interest in trying to eat until about 12 hours after he was born. I won't go into to many details about breastfeeding, but between him not latching very well, and the milk not coming in, I had a hell of a time with it. I opted to stay at the hospital for an extra day since it was not going so well. He cried pretty much all night our last night there- one of the nurses took him for an hour so we could get a bit of sleep, but the poor guy was just not a happy camper- would have been angry if I was that hungry too!
Trying to make the same face

Our first night home was awful. I am so lucky that my mom offered to some and stay with us, but poor Luke screamed all night long. We took turns passing him between the three of us while the other two tried to get a little bit of sleep (my mom was up 90% of the night with him and brought him to me to feed- she truly is the best mom ever!!).

We had to go back to the hospital to weigh him the next day since he had been steadily losing weight since birth. By then (4 days after birth) he had lost 15% of his birth weight, which meant we had to go back again to get him weighed the next day. Overnight he gained 6 grams, but that was with me feeding him every hour, then pumping and feeding him what I pumped (which obviously still wasn't much).
Over the weekend he gained a little more, but still wasn't gaining very quickly (about 10-15 grams per day). We had a public health nurse that came to weigh him every couple of days, and eventually we decided that we needed to supplement with formula. Once we started that, he began gaining way faster, and was back up to birth weight within days.
The day he was back up to birth weight!
Currently I am pumping and feeding him whatever I can get, and then feeding him formula until he is full. At his 4 week appointment he was up to about 9 lbs, 10 oz, almost a pound more than birth weight!
Ever since we got the feeding thing figured out he has been a very content little guy. He hardly ever cries, and when he does the problem is generally solved by picking him up or feeding him. The only thing left for him to figure out is how to sleep for more than an hour (2 if we're lucky) without being held or put in his car seat or swing. I feel like he'll figure it out eventually, for now I'm just trying to enjoy the cuddles!

His first month likes:

Sleeping on people
Tummy time

His first month dislikes:

Being hungry
Getting out of the bathtub
Sleeping in his bassinet
Sleep by myself? What do you mean sleep by myself?


First bath at home

Papa's birthday party

Going to the Fall Fair

First walk in the stroller

Hanging with cousin Brooke

The two pictures are a week apart, he caught up to her in size quickly!

Happy one month Luke! We love you so much, so glad you're finally here :)

Monday, September 14, 2015

Luke's Birth Story

I promised myself I'd write this post before Luke was a month old.. since that is in two days (what??) I guess I better get on it! I have a feeling it's going to be a bit of a long one :)

I had a fairly short but really intense labor. My water broke when I was at home at about 1:30 pm on Sunday the 16th. It was a weird little pop, followed by a really small amount of fluid coming out. I wasn't 100% sure that's what it was since I had been having zero contractions or signs of labor, but since I had polyhydramnios (excess fluid that can cause some complications) my doctor told me to head to the hospital asap when my water broke. Will convinced me that we needed to go and get it checked just in case.

Once we got to the hospital (which is about a 2 minute drive from our house), it was pretty clear that my water did break. When I went to stand up to get out of the car, it was like on the movies- water everywhere- in the car, on the ground, all over my dress.. it was ridiculous. I tried to get Will to take me home so I could change into something not soaked in amniotic fluid (I was getting a little hysterical at this point) but he calmed me down enough to get me inside. It was an embarrassing walk through the parking lot and upstairs to the maternity ward, but we made it!

Once we got to maternity they hooked me up to some monitors to check how baby was doing. With polyhydramnios they worry about the cord getting pinched once the water breaks, and cutting off the babies air supply. All looked good, but I still wasn't having any contractions. They could see small ones on the monitor, but nothing major, The nurse told me to go home and try to nap, and to come back the next morning around 9 if nothing was happening.

It was about 2:45 when we headed home, and on the way I started to have some mild cramping. By the time we got home (2 mins later) they were already becoming more intense. Once we got home I was going back and forth from the bathroom to hanging over the couch trying to breathe through the contractions. Half an hour later Will was trying to time my contractions, but I couldn't tell him when they were ending, just when another one was starting, Again, I started getting hysterical about not wanting to go to the hospital in case they sent me home again, but I was in so much pain the Will pretty much forced me to go.

We headed back around 3:45, and I could hardly walk through the hospital. I had to stop a few times to lean on something and breathe through my contractions. Once we got upstairs I requested morphine right away. The nurses got me into a delivery room, and checked me- I was 4 cm dilated. I started using the laughing gas while I waited for the morphine. I didn't really find that it did much for me, other than making me focus on breathing, rather than the pain of the contractions.

I am kind of unclear on the timeline of the next couple of hours, but it was about an hour and a half from the time we got back to the hospital to the time I started pushing. I think it was about a half hour after we got back to the hospital that I asked for an epidural ( which wasn't part of my original plan, but I was thinking there was no way in hell that I could go through that much pain for a long labor). They brought someone in to put in the IV, which took a little bit, and by the time they checked me again I was already 7 cm dilated and it was too late for the epidural. Sometime around then Will asked me if I wanted him to call my mom, which I did (but couldn't talk, so I'm glad he finally asked).

Around 5:15 I got the urge to push, but was told to wait since part of my cervix was still in the way. It was so hard to fight the urge! I was hyperventilating, but there was one awesome nurse who kept talking me through each contraction. Once I was able to start pushing the doctor (who was not my doctor- she was away for the weekend which was too bad) predicted I would have him pushed out in about 15 minutes based on how quickly the rest of my labor had gone... 2 hours later I was still pushing (I blew some blood vessels in my eye from pushing so hard for so long- that made for some creepy pictures!) . Eventually they tried using the vacuum a couple of times, but that was unsuccessful. Finally the doctor suggested an episiotomy. I said no at first, but eventually they had to do it. One cut (and some tearing) later, and Luke was born! The first thing I heard was my mom saying "he's huge!" I had to ask 3 times if it was a boy before someone confirmed it for me.

They put him on my stomach right away for a minute- he was pretty purple/blue and there were 3 nurses rubbing him down trying to get him to pink up. They then took him to weigh/measure/assess him, and a little while later they brought him back and put him on my chest. During this time, I had to have an IV of oxytocin right away since I was hemorrhaging (another side effect of polyhydramnios). Once the bleeding was under control, the doctor froze me and then stitched me up. Will and I still hadn't 100% decided on a name, but after staring at him and cuddling for a while, we both agreed on Luke!
He was born at 7:34 pm on August 16th, weighed 8lb 12 oz, was 21 inches long, and had a head circumference in the 97th percentile! My labour was about 6 hours from when my water broke to when he was born, but it definitely felt so much longer.
Telling dad stories

Still so tired!

We didn't put him down the whole first night, we took turns holding him all night. He didn't have any interest in feeding until about 12 hours after he was born ( I think feeding will need it's own post!)
So in love with this little dude

It has been an amazing 4 weeks so far, tough but amazing! I''ll try to get a one month recap done asap!

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