Thursday, September 24, 2015

Luke- 1 month!

I have heard people say that time flies by when you have a baby, but holy smokes! I cannot believe that Luke is a month old already (and by the time I publish this, almost 6 weeks)!

Month 1

We spent the first three days in the hospital. Since it was a traumatic birth for the poor little guy, he didn't have any interest in trying to eat until about 12 hours after he was born. I won't go into to many details about breastfeeding, but between him not latching very well, and the milk not coming in, I had a hell of a time with it. I opted to stay at the hospital for an extra day since it was not going so well. He cried pretty much all night our last night there- one of the nurses took him for an hour so we could get a bit of sleep, but the poor guy was just not a happy camper- would have been angry if I was that hungry too!
Trying to make the same face

Our first night home was awful. I am so lucky that my mom offered to some and stay with us, but poor Luke screamed all night long. We took turns passing him between the three of us while the other two tried to get a little bit of sleep (my mom was up 90% of the night with him and brought him to me to feed- she truly is the best mom ever!!).

We had to go back to the hospital to weigh him the next day since he had been steadily losing weight since birth. By then (4 days after birth) he had lost 15% of his birth weight, which meant we had to go back again to get him weighed the next day. Overnight he gained 6 grams, but that was with me feeding him every hour, then pumping and feeding him what I pumped (which obviously still wasn't much).
Over the weekend he gained a little more, but still wasn't gaining very quickly (about 10-15 grams per day). We had a public health nurse that came to weigh him every couple of days, and eventually we decided that we needed to supplement with formula. Once we started that, he began gaining way faster, and was back up to birth weight within days.
The day he was back up to birth weight!
Currently I am pumping and feeding him whatever I can get, and then feeding him formula until he is full. At his 4 week appointment he was up to about 9 lbs, 10 oz, almost a pound more than birth weight!
Ever since we got the feeding thing figured out he has been a very content little guy. He hardly ever cries, and when he does the problem is generally solved by picking him up or feeding him. The only thing left for him to figure out is how to sleep for more than an hour (2 if we're lucky) without being held or put in his car seat or swing. I feel like he'll figure it out eventually, for now I'm just trying to enjoy the cuddles!

His first month likes:

Sleeping on people
Tummy time

His first month dislikes:

Being hungry
Getting out of the bathtub
Sleeping in his bassinet
Sleep by myself? What do you mean sleep by myself?


First bath at home

Papa's birthday party

Going to the Fall Fair

First walk in the stroller

Hanging with cousin Brooke

The two pictures are a week apart, he caught up to her in size quickly!

Happy one month Luke! We love you so much, so glad you're finally here :)


  1. Glad to you and Luke are doing well and that you figured out the weight gain issue :) Time sure does fly by when you have kids!

  2. Oh my gosh he is SO cute!! Time does fly!! SO fast!


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