Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Luke- month 2 and month 3

Since the second month of Luke's life was a little bit insane, I decided to combine it with his third month... mostly because everything just sort of blends together...and because I'm way behind!

Sleeping was definitely our biggest challenge in month 2, and about halfway through month 3. Luke's nighttime sleeping pattern was to sleep for maybe an hour or two in his bassinet, and then cry the rest of the night unless someone was holding him.

When we went to Kelowna to see my sister, we figured out that he slept much better on a bed (Will and I slept in one bed, and Luke slept on the other). When we got home we tried him in his crib instead of his bassinet, and he instantly started having a longer first stretch of sleep (2-3 hours instead of the 1-2). He would then get up to eat about every hour after that, and sometimes wouldn't go back to sleep for a loooooong time. Between the stress of everything going on with Linds, him not sleeping, and Will having to go away for work for a week at a time, I'm surprised I didn't lose my mind!
Loving stretching out in his crib :)
Eventually I decided to try and get him on a really loose eat, play, sleep schedule, and it almost instantly worked wonders! The first and second nights he only got up twice to eat, and since then he's only gotten up once around 3 for a feed and gone right back to sleep! It's been 2 weeks of awesomeness!!
He's all smiles when you go to get him after his naps!

According to his cousin Eli, "Luke a big boy"! He is totally right, he is weighed in at 14 lbs 6 oz at his last appointment (which was a week ago). He is way bigger than Brooke now, she didn't get to be the bigger cousin for very long!

Second month likes:
Bath time

Second month dislikes:
Sleeping in his bassinet
Being hungry for more than 20 seconds

Second month highlights:
Meeting cousin Kinsley for the first time

First smile! (this wasn't it, but it was the only semi smiley picture I snapped in month 2!

Third month likes:
When someone gets him up from a nap
Going for walks in the stroller
Watching the mobile over his change table

Third month dislikes: 
His swing (he hates not being able to reach the mobile)
Still hates being hungry
Starting to not like naps (what the heck? I love naps!!)

Third month highlights:
Halloween Spooktacular

Trick or treating with Aunty Linds in the van

Aunty Nin cuddles

Wearing 6 month clothes (how did this happen already??)

Daily smiles!!
On the night before he turned 3 months, he slept through the night! Woohoo, go Luke! (side note: it hasn't continued)

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  1. He's growing so much! He is too cute in his Halloween costume :)


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