Thursday, December 17, 2015

Canadian Blogger Christmas Swap

This year I was partnered with Amie at Running On Healthy for the Christmas ornament swap! I was excited about the pairing since her blog has been on my reader for quite a long time. Aime is a Beachbody coach (check out her awesome Facebook page here), spin and yoga instructor, and basically a fitness lady extraordinaire! I love the motivation that I get from her blog, definitely one of my favorites :)

My package was filled with all sorts of awesome goodies!! There was a Starbucks gift card (which I used yesterday to enjoy an eggnog latte!), a David's Tea ornament filled with some delicious smelling tea that I am saving to enjoy on Christmas morning, and some Epicure Seasoning for BBQ ribs that
I am SO excited to try!
My ornament was the cutest little minion! My nephew Eli is obsessed with minions- he was even one for Halloween, so every time he comes over he searches the tree and says "Eli (he talks only in 3rd person) find minion in auntie's tree!". It's pretty cute.

The minion hiding in the tree ;)

Thanks so much for a great Christmas package Amie!!


  1. Thanks for the kind words Danielle! I'm glad you like your ornament and I hope the ribs are delicious :)

  2. Love what Amie sent to you! Thank you for participating :)


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