Wednesday, December 09, 2015


Lately we have been busy!!

Will has been working away a lot, but was home for 4 days last week so that was awesome! He and Luke had lots of very in depth conversations.

He also built a mantle for our fireplace while he was home, I love how he can just come up with an idea and make it look awesome!

We got some pretty awesome texts from my sister, including some video of her taking steps (with lots and lots of assistance, but still so awesome!!) She is at the brain rehab center in Kelowna right now and making excellent progress, I'm so proud of her!
Picture we sent her after she sent us the walking video
Luke has officially started teething and is chewing on everything in sight!!

We have been hanging out with Eli and Brooke lots

And getting ready for Christmas!
Christmas trees and Christmas sweaters are the best!!

I went to a cookie swap last week, which also helped with getting into the (delicious) holiday spirit!

I traded these...

....for all these delights!
I'm looking forward to having Will being off work for a couple weeks, having my sister home for a 3 days at Christmas, and experiencing Luke's first Christmas! It's going to be an awesome month :)


  1. Your husband is talented! Those cookies look delicious- what recipe did you use?

      Seriously the best (and easiest) sugar cookies ever!!


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