Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Mr. Luke- 4 months

I can't believe Lukey is 4 months old already (a week ago)!!

We went to the doctor last week, and as Eli (still) likes to say, "Luke a big boy!" He is weighing in at 16 lbs 5 oz (71st percentile) and is 27 inches long (97th percentile). He has to wear 9 month PJs since his body is so long. He's still wearing 3-6 month pants though, he's got short little legs! He is getting up 2X per night to eat, which is wayyyyy better than before, so at this point I'll take it!!

Fourth month likes:
Still LOVES bath time! He can be so cranky and as soon as we walk in to the bathroom he's all smiles.
He's a bad little gangster!

Chatting with Baxter. Or Will. Or Me. Just chatting in general!

Tummy time. It's pretty much his favorite!

Fourth month dislikes:
He freaking hates naps more than anything in the world. As soon as we walk towards his bedroom, he is instantly mad and starts to cry. It is getting exhausting trying to get him to go down.
The big lip comes out anytime he has to go for a nap
Conversely, he LOVES waking up from his nap! He's always full of big (or silly) smiles!

Fourth month highlights:
First Christmas tree

First walk in the sling

Happy 4 months Lukey! We love having you in our lives, I think we'll keep you :)

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