Monday, December 21, 2015

Weekend Recap

This weekend was so excellent! Will is finally home from work until after Christmas, WOOHOO!
My crabby boys!
Taking selfies, waiting for dad to come home

We went over to my brother's for pizza and some cousin hang time on Friday night.
Luke can't believe how much further Brooke can lift her head off of the ground!

Saturday morning was spent throwing out our Christmas tree- it was deader than dead! That's what we get for buying one instead of going out to get our own. We got the new one set up, it's not nearly as nice but at least I don't worry about it burning the house down anymore :)

I also did lots of baking and house cleaning in preparation for our annual Christmas party! This year we decided to do a murder mystery, and it was so much fun!! We had a great turnout. Luke went to his papa's house for a couple of hours, it was nice to not have to worry about keeping the volume down for him.

Will and I joked that we are getting old, I'm pretty sure at our first party 8 years ago we were kicking people out at 3 am. This year, everyone was gone by 10:45. Whomp whomp.
Throwback to our first Christmas party... I am wearing clothing!
Sunday was a nice lazy day, we stayed in our PJs just hung out and played with Luke... It's my new favorite kind of day!
I feel like he just needs a cigar and a glass of scotch to complete this picture!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

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  1. Haha it really does look like you are wearing no clothes!


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