Friday, January 01, 2016

2015- A roller coaster of a year!

2015 was quite the roller coaster, there really is no other way to describe it!

Meeting Luke, and learning to be a mom was completely amazing (and totally overwhelming!).

Watching Will become a dad was so fun!

Having to watch my sister be so sick, and not knowing what the outcome was going to be was the worst feeling I have ever experienced. Watching her come back to us was nothing short of a miracle, and I am so so grateful that she was able to come home and have Christmas with us! It was definitely the highlight of the holiday season
She has made amazing progress, she's walking with a walker, she can hold the babies on her own now, and can stand on her own for short periods of time! You're rocking rehab Ninny, and I'm so, SO proud of you!!
Happy New Years from Me, Will, and these two gangsters! We're looking forward to all of the fun that 2016 is sure to hold for us!

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