Thursday, January 28, 2016

Mr Luke- 5 months

This happy little dude is 5 months old!

Luke got weighed at his shots appointment a few day before he turned 5 months he was weighing in at 17lbs 13oz. Still 27 inches long! We recently had to start putting him in 12 month pjs and onesies since his upper body is so long! he is juuuuust starting to fit into 6 month pants though. He's definitely built like my dad's side of the family- long upper body, short little legs!

Fifth month likes:
The boy loves chewing on EVERYTHING. His first two teeth came in, one on Christmas Eve, and one 3 days later.

Sophie the giraffe goes everywhere with us

He's finally figuring out how to actually bounce in the Jolly Jumper

He's just figured out that Baxter is alive, and loves to pet and grab at him. Baxter is finally warming up to him too :)

I let him suck on an apple slice once- bad call. He now gets so mad if I don't share, and has legit temper tantrums once it's all gone... the boy loves to eat!

Fifth Month Dislikes:

He still hates napping with a passion. If he isn't in his room or in his car seat, forget about it! Even when we are in his room, it is quite the production, it usually takes about 15-30 minutes of rocking and singing and shushing before he gives in and goes to sleep. I am reluctant to try sleep training, but this is getting a little ridiculous! He also only naps for 30 ish minutes at a time if we're lucky.
What do you mean nap time??

All that being said, he is the happiest, funniest, most content baby while he is awake. He hardly ever fusses, and when he does it's because it's time for a bottle and I'm not paying attention! He has the most hilarious facial expressions, and loves to have very long conversations (especially with Will)!

The last picture is of his new favorite face- we call it the fat kid grin!

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